Difficult Game Choices: Mr. House and the Brotherhood


This post will discuss the end game events in Fallout New Vegas. If you have not finished this game yet, and you plan to do so at a later date, please proceed with caution. Major spoilers below!

Today we are going to talk about Fallout New Vegas. You may ask yourself, why would I talk about New Vegas. After all that game came out like a century ago. Well, I seem to be determined to scare away all but my most loyal readers seeing how last week I reviewed a foreign novel that has no English translation. Now I’m going to talk about last year’s game. And not just an old game, but a game that I already spent several posts discussing back when it was still new.

What cam over me? Well, I recently revisited New Vegas after abandoning it for several months and finally got to play through the end game content. And you know what? It was good. It was so entertaining I decided that I need at least one more New Vegas post to give the game some praise. There are a lot of games out there these days that say they offer players interesting choices, but few actually do. Most offer you artificial binary decisions: you can be a saint or a murderous psychopath. Sometimes however, a game comes along and gives you a true conundrum. A choice so difficult you actually can’t make up your mind for hours. One of such games was Dragon Age Origins, and I wrote at length about the entire experience. I am pleased to report that I experienced something very similar while playing Fallout: New Vegas. While it was not as emotional and powerful as the Dragon Age decision, it was still quite difficult decision.

Interestingly what made my New Vegas play through so interesting was not the writing itself, but rather emergent game play. Being a sandbox setting the game allows you to pursue multiple quest arcs at the same time. It is the sequence in which I did some of the side quests, my choice of a companion heavily influenced this experience.

But let me start from beginning. The big deciding end-game moment in New Vegas is the battle for the Hoover Dam. Through your actions you can influence the outcome of this battle and the future of the Mojave Wasteland. You have an option to side with one of the three factions involved in this conflict: NCR (New California Republic), The Legion or the elusive Mr. House who controls the Vegas Strip using an army of robotic soldiers.

The Legion is pretty much portrayed as bad guys. They are slavers, they treat women as property, they crucify and torture people and have almost no redeeming qualities. There is little incentive siding with them unless you really like their Roman themed duds, or want to play a total jerk ass.

NCR are almost total opposite. They are a fledgling democratic government and generally come off as good guys. They can be a bit bureaucratic and heavy handed though. Their expansionism rubs a lot of people the wrong way, and their armies have been known for uprooting and driving away native tribes to make living space for NCR citizens.

Mr. House is a bit of an enigma. He is a 200 something year old living corpse in a casket, hooked up to a sophisticated computer system that gives him full control of the New Vegas Strip and an army of robotic servants. He is a bit of a technological genius and a visionary with dreams of restoring the Mojave to it’s pre-war glory. And you don’t have to take his word for it. All you need to do is to visit the strip. It is a place unlike any other in the wasteland. At night, you can see it from just about any place in the game – New Vegas is a neon-bright beacon of wealth and prosperity. The living conditions in Mr. House’s domain are far above and beyond anything that NCR or Legion could offer. He provides security, luxury, modernity and unobstructed free commerce – things that are hard to come by in the harsh post nuclear wastelands.

Of course Mr. House is a dictator – a benevolent one, but a dictator nevertheless. Choosing to help him over the NCR is choosing a totalitarian empire over a democracy. Still, House has proven to be fair, and stable leader over the past two centuries and he has at least one or two more centuries in him. While he can be an ass from time to time, his goals and vision are something exceptional. No one else in the Mojave has the knowledge, the foresight and the ambition that could match his. I was skeptical to help him at first, but then he got me. He promised not only to resurrect pre-war technology, but to improve upon it. He bought me with vision of Mojave becoming a technocratic utopia – it’s products and technological wonders flooding the rest of the world, inciting a restorative frenzy to rebuild and reclaim the humanity’s lost technological edge. And then he promised me the stars. Mr. House wouldn’t stop at restoring the planet to it’s pre-war glory. He would succeed where his contemporaries have failed and launch a space program to explore and colonize the solar system. If I was lucky and with the medical advancements he would introduce, I could live to see at least significant part of that plan to unfold. That struck a cord with me. How could I not work for this guy? I immediately signed up for Mr. House fan club and started doing his quest.

In the process I inadvertently picked up Veronica as my companion. Why Veronica? Because she is voiced by Felicia Day (aka the redhead from The Guild). Do I need to explain further?

Veronica is a member of Brotherhood of Steel – an isolationist elite group of power armor wearing knowledge seekers and advanced tech hoarders. You may remember them as The Good Guys™ from Fallout 3, but this faction is a bit different. They are xenophobic and self-centered group. They seek out, study, restore and preserve pre-war technology but they keep it to themselves. It’s not that they don’t want to help the people of the Mojave. It’s just that they thing that they are better served by not having dangerous pre-war toys they could hurt themselves with. The Brotherhood believes that their mission is to prevent more catastrophic end-of-the-world events by controlling peoples access to advanced technology. Sharing their secrets with outsiders is strictly forbidden by the laws of their society. Which sort of makes sense.

Thanks to Veronica however I was able to somehow get in their good graces, and become one of the very few outsiders allowed free access to their base of operations. There I met some interesting NPC’s and discovered that while their values might be tad misguided they are still upstanding people who genuinely believe their cause is just and noble. Doing Veronica’s personal quest chain revealed more detail. While Brotherhood seems powerful because of their pre-war arsenal, their numbers were dwindling. Since one has to be born into the order the Mojave chapter was lacking fresh blood, and slowly dying out. Without opening up to the outside world, and taking in recruits and/or mates from local tribes they would surely perish in the next few decades.

Being an awesome guy that I am, I did a whole bunch of fetch quests for these people to gain their trust, then influenced their Elder to lift strict lock-down rules and allow people in and out of their bunker more easily. Then I brokered a peace agreement between the Brotherhood and the NCR, allying them both against the Legion. I made Veronica happy, I possibly turned around the Brotherhood around from the self-destructive path, and I made them cease fighting with NCR stabilizing the region a bit. In fact, these people liked me so much, they offered me a honorary membership in the order – a very rare, almost unheard-of honor. In short, me and the people of the Brotherhood became total “BFF’s”.

So me and Veronica went back to the strip, all happy, holding hands and all. I hit up the Lucky 38 casino to see what the big boss was up to and turn in his last quest. It turned out he had another assignment for me: exterminate the Brotherhood of Steel.

Fuck! Shit just got real.

You see, Mr. House views the Brotherhood as an imminent threat. They are technology freaks, and New Vegas strip just bristles with pre-war tech. The Brotherhood’s entire philosophy and value system revolves around keeping “dangerous” tech out of the hands of the unwashed masses. There is no way they would allow Mr. House to execute his vision of restoring the Mojave to it’s former glory. That sort of thing would go directly against what they believe in. So major conflict of interest was unavoidable. In fact, I just made things worse by propping up the faction that my boss genuinely feared.

Can you see the problem here? Mr. House just asked me to genocide the very people I just became friends with, and who just made me a honorary member. He told me to go wipe out an entire base full of named NPC’s for whom I did various quests, and who had interesting exchanges with Veronica while we were visiting them. What’s worse, he did not even want to hear about a possible diplomatic solution. With a Speech skill of 100 I was sure that I could speech-check the Elder into forming some sort of alliance, but that was not even on the table. Mr. House would accept nothing but a total annihilation of the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood.

But could I stoop so low? Could I actually go through with it and kill these well meaning noble people that never did me any harm? Could I commit this unspeakable crime in the name of progress? Could I justify it as choosing a lesser evil to further a greater good? And hell, could I do this to Felicia Day? Could I just go and slaughter her people after having her follow me for most of the game?

Of course there was an alternative. I could side with NCR and give control of the Mojave Wasteland to a lumbering bureaucracy thousands of miles away and hope for the best. Or I could take out Mr. House and take his place trying to execute at least parts of his grand plan by myself. Both options however required me to give up on the dream Mr. House infected me with. I would have to de-throne this great man, and have lesser minds control Vegas.

What would you do? Would you kill your best friend’s family and friends in cold blood in the name of progress? Or would you give up on a dream, and ruin humanity’s best chance at returning to pre-war glory because of sentiments and moral doubts. It was a very difficult choice – at least for me. I’m a liberal technocrat, futurist and science nut – I really wanted to side with Mr. House. I really believe that people of the Mojave would benefit the best if he was in charge. But I just could not go through with the cold blooded ethnic cleansing he ordered. It was too big of a price to pay.

In the end I chose the independent route, took out Mr. House, gained control of his army and drove both Legion and the NCR from the Mojave Wasteland. But the dream died with the ancient genius. The independent state I created was relatively stable, but the promised technological utopia never came. I merely maintained peace and stability, but the people were no better under my rule than they were before. As predicted the Brotherhood became a thorn in my side, slowly growing in strength and plotting to take me down and dismantle Mr. House’s robotic army. Did I choose wisely? Was this really the best option?

This is an example of pretty decent writing, well designed sandbox and multiple valid endings culminating in a very profound moral dilemma. Note how this dilemma was born out of emergent game play choices and my personal beliefs rather than from some sliding scale morality meter. This is how you design good sandbox games ladies and gentlemen. You let the player tell his own story. In this aspect the end-game of New Vegas was by far superior to the binary non-choice I was given in Fallout 3. I had my own, very personal, deeply moving story arc emerge purely out of random sequence in which I did side quests and my companion preference. The interesting thing is that your experience with the same game content might have been completely different.

What ending did you choose on your first play through?

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12 Responses to Difficult Game Choices: Mr. House and the Brotherhood

  1. Liudvikas LITHUANIA Google Chrome Windows Terminalist says:

    I haven’t played it, so I gotta ask – would it succeed (houses plans) if you would destroy brotherhood?

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  2. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Google Chrome Linux Terminalist says:

    @ Liudvikas:

    Well, not directly. You just end up getting a different monologue at the end of the game hinting at possible revival of great technology at some point in the future. The wasteland still looks like shit when the game ends though. :)

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  3. peterix Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    At first, I sided with the NCR. They looked like the good guys, although a bit too limited by their own system. As I progressed through the game, that pretty much changed. Those guys were beyond incompetent. When the game was near the end, I was the only reason they weren’t wiped out entirely. I could defeat whole armies single-handedly and I was tired of their quests and winning the battles for them.

    The legion are jerks. A bit like angry red ants, only with a whole lot of crazy added to the mix. I would never join them or help them in any way. After I saw their methods, I went into their camp and assasinated their leader. It ultimately didn’t deter them from attacking the dam though.

    Mr. House? A manipulative man and a dictator. The real reason why I ended up buried alive with a hole in my head. I refused to cooperate with him in any way.

    So I went with yes-man. I kept my freedom and an army of robots to back it up. The NCR thought to the very end that I fight for them, I even saved their president from certain death. The arrving robot army wiped the smiles off the NCR general’s face. I sent them back home, unscathed, avoiding more senseless slaughter.

    I can’t remember what the outro said… it didn’t really fit the character I played and didn’t pick up on a bunch of things I did, maybe because of bugs.

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  4. Skeleton UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    In the beginning, I sided with the Mr. House. The promises he made swung me, untold riches, fame, a new, better wasteland. Hell, not even a wasteland. A land of freedom, a land without the restriction that the NCR could bring.

    But he started to act like an asshole, so I killed him.

    I worked with the NCR after that, just to see their point of view and gain a disposition of them. Couldn’t even finish the quest due to a glitch. I could not talk to my contact, the screen zoomed in, then zoomed out. Then she disappeared.

    I couldn’t work with House. The NCR contact had said “OOP I DON’T EXIST” and the Legion were rude and had cool shit, so they hated me.

    You wanna know what I did? I punched Caesar’s fucking face off with his best friend’s magic shotgun fist that retrieves the ammo you just shot into someone.

    I walked into some shack. A guy was like “WE GOTZ DA AWSUM GUN WE GON KILL ERRYBODY” and I shot his fucking legs off before putting decapitating him post-mortem. I took his gun and sold it to a robot that gives you weapons through an impenetrable box with no dispenser slot.

    I helped some balding guy become the Elder and convinced the lesbian Felicia Day that the Brotherhood were dickheads anyway.

    I helped the Boomers because they had the balls to shoot nukes at me, and I would not want those people as enemies.

    I slaughtered the residents of Primm after rescuing their mayor because he was a retarded pussy. They never stood a chance.

    I helped Boone find his way through Legion slaughter and convinced him he had no choice. It was not his fault. I showed Veronica the light of the world, and suggested she leave the dark. I saved a mexican Zombie and killed a blue giant wearing a wig. I saved Rex with the brain of a scrapyard dog. I repaired a flying mechanical eyeball with my bare hands. I showed Arcade that the Followers needed a man like him, a man so brave and kind of heart. I acted as a tool of revenge for Cass. I helped the kindly super mutants, because they were a hell of a lot nicer than their Capital Wasteland counterparts.

    All who opposed me were the victims of my wrath. I activated the robot army to terrify people with my presence. I beat the shit out of Cthulhu with a katana under a red sky. I told the NCR to leave, because I respected them, and reasoned that they would be safe in another area if left to their own devices. They were fit to rule, but not this place, not my home. My charms were too great for any woman to resist, my feats too impressive. I slaughtered all who crossed me.

    I came, I saw, I conquered.

    And I drank more Sunset Sarsaparilla than any man could ever endure.

    All of this, with a pink afro.

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  5. Sameer NETHERLANDS Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I remember reading this before I had my new rig and really wanting to play. I have literally just finished the game. In the end I sided with the NCR for the reasons Luke mentioned but I also played Yes Man.

    Early on I wasn’t that strong yet so I decided to explore, gain levels, weapons, armor, the works. On my way to Vegas I ran across the 188th trading post. Girl in a brown bag asked if she could join me. Turns out she’s is in some faction called the Brotherhood of Steel. Sure, it’s cool I guess. I had only heard about them once before. I had no intention of dragging some cumbersome companion with me but I thought what the hell, sure thing girlie, come along. You should wait here for now though. So on I went alone, doing quests etc.

    I heard NCR crop farmers were having some trouble with their pumping station. Might as well check it out and net me some xp and caps maybe. I’m level 15, I can handle myself just fine with this here hunting rifle. Plus I have a service rifle and 6 grenades! So off I went, eventually reaching Vault 34…

    “This is a nightmare. Radiation is everywhere and frakking zombies all over the place! I’m short on stims and other meds. Should I go back? Back through that damned mine? Those ghouls are all over the place, doubt I’ll even make it back… Fuck here’s another one… No wait… Veronica?!! What the hell are you doing here?!”

    This has been both the worst and best thing to happen to me in this game. I went into the vault, scared, outnumbered and outclassed and out of the blue Veronica shows up! I saw her name on my pipboy earlier in the Vault but didn’t think too much of it. Glitch/bug or not I’m happy it went this way.

    She fights through the Vault with me and boy does she like to punch! Somehow my weak ass makes it out alive with the All American and a ton worth of loot. I would never have made it without Veronica. I went to hell and she followed me in and brought me back. She hasn’t left my side since, my only and truest friend in this godforsaken wasteland.

    Well before I met Ronny I had decided that I was going to get rid of House; I am no man’s puppet! So when Caesar kindly though firmly asked me to have a look see in the bunker under his fort I decided to start screwing House over. I was going to be a wild card. Had I decided to go with house, he would have gotten his due if he wanted me to destroy the Brotherhood. Sure, House is probably better for New Vegas and the people in general. The Brotherhood is probably going to cause trouble in the long run but I can’t betray Veronica. She’s been with these people for years, hell maybe I’ll even take them up on their offer to join them. Well, there it is: I’m a sucker for Veronica. I’ll be watching New Vegas Nexus for when that special Veronica mod comes out ;)

    Really enjoying this game but such a shame that after you finish the main quest… Don’t want to “spoil” it for people who might stumble upon this entry.

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  6. shells UNITED STATES Safari Linux says:

    You know….I’ve been roaming the wasteland for weeks now ambushing Ceasar’s men because i can’t decide if i want to kill the BoS or Mr. House.

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  7. Jenny UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    Doing one for the republic, ive been asked to take out BoS, totally dont want to tho, went and told elder the ncr wants them dead. Turns out the BoS isn’t planning on taking over the dam and actually wants to help ncr. Buuuut ncr thinks im a retard for believing the Brotherhood. And can’t figure out how to do the peace treaty between those two :(

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  8. Brendon UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    I realize FNV’s old news now, and most people love FO3 more than FNV, but I quite prefer FNV more myself. FO3 was fun and awesome, no doubt, but FNV, you have to worry about factions, there’s true ironsights, and you can’t exactly “perfect everything” (‘specially with a perk every 2 levels instead of every level up). That aside, my first playthrough went something like this:

    I saved Goodsprings (Powder Gangers Vilified all-time), saved Primm and new law (Meyers), kept on good to great terms with NCR all through (with a handful of hiccups along the way), helped Mr. House up until the part after “The House Always Wins VII” (he seemed like a power hungry individual, wanting every element of oppression killed — hence my distaste for him and siding with Yes, Man), killed Legion at Nipton and accepted mark of Caesar (only for House’s sake) and slaughtered every Legion I could find after (can’t bring myself to side with Roman brutality on any playthrough), eliminated every raider party (leaders and all) without any NCR aid, basically got every small- or medium-sized town to idolize me (and “most” factions too, with the exception of NCR, Followers (accepted), Legion, and Powder Gangers aside), helped the Followers on a lot of different areas, got Freeside to love me (and joined the Kings), didn’t really do the companions quests (screwed up pretty heavily on that department — Didn’t know they had quests at the time), got the clubs on Vegas to idolize me also, saved the Great Khans from the Legion Ambassador “and” resolved the issue in Boulder City (bolstering Great Khan numbers — with NCR keeping their distance from the Khans), discovered probably about 60-70% of the wasteland before beating the main questline (so a lot of side quests and such ignored/not mentioned), allied with Boomers, and basically ended up with all major factions having no real power over the Mojave Wasteland (having the upgraded robots patrol, independent wasteland, with some pretty gnarly justice going around).

    There are other things I’m sure I failed to mention, but that’s then whole jist of it. I had played with most companions, but only really talked to them when I first retrieved them, and then just had them tag along by swapping each out every so often, with probably Veronica or Cassidy with me most of the time (pretty sure Veronica had the most time). I’m quite a libertarian and indepedent type of fan and lover myself, so I can’t leave the land to NCR (who’s interest would be for their own first), to Legion (who’s interest is quite cruel, unfair, and heartless above the weak or women, not to mention just anybody in general), or to Mr. House (who’s entrepreneurial or “Corporatocracy” style (at least the way I saw it) sounds good in theory, but not always good in practice, technology involved or not) because the past would inevitably repeat itself one way or another, not to mention that things will “never” go back to the way they were. The land is scorched, and it’s been, what, a century or two since the bombs dropped, and the land is STILL scorched at this day and age? Living normally is no longer an option. Too many pockets of radiation, too many radiated animals and humans, no sign of any trees, grass, etc (outside of farming or setting up crops), a large mass of high tech guns, armor, and more, with people who aren’t disciplined, experienced, or responsible with them. Not to mention a continent with a number of factions warring/fighting against each other, when they’re not even focusing on the greater evil that “nuked” the land. Yeah, it won’t return back to the way it was, so long as there are so many variables changing the game. :P Just my thoughts.

    To add something extra, the United States of America (unless it spans over all of North America — I’ve only played FO3 and FNV) had been sent nukes all over the place. It would be “nice” to have things back to the way they were, but things are/were so unstable for such a long period of time, that having an independent system with robotic patrols and an old, wild west justice system was gonna bring back some sort of stability, without knocking ourselves back to medieval ages or such. It may not be technologically-advanced, but the cowboy era “obviously” worked, to one extent or another. Granted, there would be civil wars, maybe revolutions and more, but nothing as grand as a mass-annihilation in a short timespan.

    Anyways, I’ve probably beaten the game at “least” 2 times, maybe closer to 3. The ironic part is, two of the times ended up in independence, and I’m trying to side with Mr. House on this one, but man do I keep wanting to just kill all the head honchos and divide the land amongst the other, lesser factions. I’m half-wanting to get the achievements (played FNV for PC and 360 both — PC is fun with mods, especially) on the 360, but I really don’t see how I’ll be able to. I’ve even made a person who was pure evil, and a hitman/assassin/mercenary-type, and I STILL can’t bring myself to side with Legion. Ahhh, it is three wins, because my hitman was one that won, but it was an anarchy ending. Ironic how I can end up with choosing an anarchy ending, but can’t bring myself to side with Legion. I just hate that whole Roman ideology (I hated History in school, but I just can’t bring myself to forgive the Romans, Nazi’s, Persians, yada yada). They were too cruel and carnal that I just can’t side/reason/like them. Goes against my very nature. :P Maybe just me, but there’s my two cents and my first FNV ending.

    P.S. Sorry for the wall of text. Tried to go over all the details and such.

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  9. Chuck CHILE Google Chrome Windows says:

    I wish I had stumbled across this article a long time ago. 2 things I want to say. Well, actually the first one is a question, but since the topic is old I’m not really expecting an answer. Worth a shot anyways: how did you form an alliance between the NCR and the BoS BEFORE taking out House? Moore asks you to assassinate House before asking you to deal with the brotherhood, ain’t no way you can skip that, I believe.

    Secondly, I was in the exact same position as you were, I know what it was like, and ended up doing the exact same thing you did. This really ruined the game’s ending for me, having to murder my favorite character and the only one I could possibly and wholeheartedly follow in this cruel, cruel game in order not to become a backstabbing, genocidal prick (technically still becoming a backstabbing prick in the process, but I guess the genocidal part kept me away from the other option). As much as some people may like these though choices in their games, and I can totally understand why, I personally think this one is bullshit, and there should have been a way to form a truce between the two. I mean, the NCR-Brotherhood waged war for years, and you can still make peace between them just as easily as saying please.

    Well it turns out there was originally going to be a diplomatic route, in fact, it’s fully voiced and scripted within the game files, but either because they ran out of time (plenty of things were left out because of this) or a programming oversight, the dialogue option doesn’t show up in-game. Might be old news by now, but there’s a mod that re-adds this path, if you’re on PC, and still interested in FNV (classics never get old) you could try it out:

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  10. Brendon UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    @ Chuck: “Worth a shot anyways: how did you form an alliance between the NCR and the BoS BEFORE taking out House? Moore asks you to assassinate House before asking you to deal with the brotherhood, ain’t no way you can skip that, I believe.”

    I know this isn’t directed to me, so apologies for getting involved in any way, but I’ve had it happen to me a few times where (in the game) I would completely ignore or forget to follow the main storyline, and I’d become friends with the lesser factions. I found it to be an uncommon or rare occurrence myself. I feel like you can avoid certain scenarios if you just avoid the right people, but I could be wrong here. I just thought I’d share that, because I tried not to get too far in the main story. I like the side quests, wandering, etc, so I stumbled onto things earlier (probably too early). I stumbled onto the Great Khans in the Red Rock area on my first playthrough, without even having a background as to who they are (completely missed Boulder City for quite a while). Not sure if this helps or if it’s relevant, but it’s possible that by avoiding key character’s dialogue/demands, you can essentially bypass those scenarios (for a while, at least). I’ve not “completely” tested it with the three main factions, but I do recall bypassing one of Mr. House’s demands (by accident) because I did something else early on iirc. But I believe that was also earlier in the questline and wasn’t really a critical issue.

    Anyways, to get back on track, you’re talking of NCR/BoS allying before taking out House. This is still just a theory, of course, but maybe if you avoid House and NCR (preventing them from telling you to wipe a power out) and go straight to BoS, they’ll tell you about the discord against NCR, and if you do their quests/gain their trust, you can have them ally without even needing to go to NCR first. Could be wrong, but I feel like it’s worth a shot myself. Next time I pick up FNV, I may try that theory, see if it works. Anyways, thought I’d try and help out any way I can. I mean no harm/offense. :P

    P.S. I still think some things eventually wrap back around with Mr. House, because he’s pretty clear on what he wants and doesn’t want, and there’s no margin for error or reconsidering. It’s one reason why I can’t totally side with him, because I feel like it takes a tyrannical approach to leading. Not sure about anybody else, but I’m not one for tyranny.

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  11. Werepossum UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    My first play through I allied with House, but after killing the BoS (I really thought they’d abandon the bunker) I felt so bad that I turned on him, killing him and using Yes Man to take over New Vegas. I was not however pleased with the ending. My principle companion was Boone. I was neutral with the Khans, vilified by the Legion and the Powder Gangers, and idolized by everyone else.

    Now I’m replaying and I’m going to ally with the NCR (using the mod that allows me to not murder the BoS) and my only companion this time around has been Veronica, as I really like Felicia Day’s voice acting and dialog. Once again I’m vilified by the Legion and the Powder Gangers, and idolized by everyone else, this time including the Khans. (Well, only liked by the Strip, but that will change.) And this time I’m getting no love from the crazy Vault Hotel chick – which, considering what passes for sex in FNV and her weirdly cheesy dialog is fine. Hey, I’m traveling with an armored lesbian and could have given you a threesome that’d make you forget your agoraphobia, lady, but it’s just as well; I can’t respect a woman who buys old vault suits for 20 caps and sells them for 8 anyway.

    The only really nice faction are the followers anyway. Otherwise it’s just a matter of figuring out which major faction is the least penis-with-ears, and between House and the NCR and the BoS it’s a toss-up. And I really can’t be bribed with eternal life and/or a really nice car since as far as I’m concerned my character is a nameless, faceless support system for a traveling pack of firearms.

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  12. Max24833 IRELAND Google Chrome Linux says:

    I had to go with Mr House. The Legion are insane and evil, so I wiped them out and killed Caesar and the Legate. I liked the NCR, but they couldn’t keep expanding at the rate they were, so I needed to stop them, through diplomacy. Yes Man was funny and idealistic, but naive and I feel his ending is a step away from progress and back towards anarchy and chaos.
    I wasn’t a fan of the Brotherhood. I just saw them as advanced raiders. They stole tech from people who badly needed it, would have taken over New Vegas if they could and refused to listen to reason during Veronica’ s quest. So, I did all their quests to see if they improved, but I decided it wa best to wipe them out. Luckily, I killed most of them through sneaking so my rep didn’t drop much, and Veronica stayed me. I feel bad for her, but I still think it’s for the best.

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