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Favorite Remote Desktop Support Tool

I think I won’t be far off the target if I say that most of my readers are probably fairly competent technology users. I know that not all of you are programmers or IT workers, but I don’t think there … Continue reading

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Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch… How on earth do I review this… Let me try to put it in perspective, but that requires a little bit of setup. I make no secret that I play pen and paper RPG’s from time … Continue reading

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Building your first Jekyll site in 5 minutes

Back in December, I wrote a short post about building websites without server side includes. I used AJAX and magical hasbang url’s to get around the fact that the hosting space I was given on the university servers did not … Continue reading

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SOPA: Post Mortem

I haven’t been talking all that much about SOPA on this blog because my world was a bit over saturated with it. More or less every news site and blog I frequent was freaking out about it (and for a … Continue reading

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Skyrim Storylines: Part 1

In the past two months, I have written close to 6 thousand words (give or take a few hundred) about Skyrim. I talked just about everything – my first impressions, my likes and dislikes of the new system, personal anecdotes … Continue reading

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How do you track your bugs?

I have actually asked this question once before, but it was long, long time ago in the prehistoric days of April 2008. A lot of things have happened since then. So I have figured it would be a good time … Continue reading

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Git Cheat Sheet

Few days ago I tweeted, and Google plus-ed (is that a word?) this neat little Git guide. I really liked it, because it was simple, kept things basic, and condensed all the commonly used commands in one place. Unfortunately the … Continue reading

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What is your favorite server OS?

Not so long I was tasked with setting up a web server for a new project. The list of requirements was simple: it needed to run PHP. I was told the rest of the details were up to me. The … Continue reading

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Text Editors for Creative Writing

What is your favorite text editor? When I polled my readers with the same question back in 2009, Vi won by a landslide. I’m not sure if it was because I skewed the results by stating my preference for that … Continue reading

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Public domain is dead

American public domain is dead. Dead, buried, there are wilted flowers on it’s grave and no one comes to visit except the creepy grounds keeper doing his rounds every evening. January 1, 2012 was the annual, international Public Domain day. … Continue reading

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Arguments against abstraction

You know what is the nice thing about Google Plus? Lack of that pesky character limit of Twitter. You can post a full essay as a status update if you want to. Not that you should. I try not to … Continue reading

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Howling Banshees or Striking Scorpions

If you have ever played Warhammer 40,000 or even visited the forums devoted to the game, you know that discussion of the day is usually “which unit is better”. Sometimes this is just plain ePenis wagging, bragging and blustering – … Continue reading

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The Sparrow by Marry Doria Russell

Sometimes you read a book, and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Not because it was bad, but because the story is so depressing and/or disturbing that it makes you feel dirty. The Sparrow by Marry Doria Rusell … Continue reading

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