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Command Line and User Friendliness

Personally, I think that command line is the most flexible and at the same time most intuitive user interface paradigm we have invented so far. There is a large number of people who would not agree with this statement. There … Continue reading

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Fluency With Technology

I teach a course called “Fluency With Technology”. I did not come up with that designation – it came from up above, and the first time I saw it, I considered it silly. Over the years however I grew to … Continue reading

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Markdown for Muggles

This post goes out to all the creative critters toiling in the depths of the information web-way known as the Internet. Yes, I’m talking to you aspiring writers, critics, bloggers and word smiths. Talk to me about your tool of … Continue reading

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Science vs Humanities

I found this gem on Reddit the other day and I saved it to share with you guys because it is a clusterfuck of horrible. According to the story that came attached to the picture, it was a print add … Continue reading

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Why Plain Text

Recently Chris Wellons shared some an really interesting thoughts on why a lot of programmers tend to flock to certain kinds of tools – powerful text editors, plain text formats, markup over WYSIWYG and etc.. Here is what he said … Continue reading

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Show Me Your Desktop

Guess what time is it? It’s time to share your desktop wallpaper screenshots! Yes, it is a time honored tradition here at Terminally Incoherent. Every once in a while we all take screenshots of our desktop and share them with … Continue reading

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I have been waiting for this movie since 2009. Actually, scratch that – since 2007 and it was worth it. I don’t have to tell you that Marvel’s grand experiment in bringing the comic book shared continuity concept to the … Continue reading

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Scripting Windows the Unix Way

Sometimes you gots to script windows. If it’s my personal rig I usually just use Cygwin because that’s where all the tools I need reside on Windows boxen. Either that or I just hack in Python which became my replacement … Continue reading

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Over the last few years the phrase “found footage” became synonymous with “not very good at all” – especially in Hollywood. While there are some amateur projects framed around this paradigm that are surprisingly decent, big budget productions using it … Continue reading

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Phone Games

I’m being a bit lazy today, so let’s talk about lazy time entertainment: cell phone games. I happen to own an iPhone so I will be discussing some of my favorite titles for that platform, but I don’t want to … Continue reading

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The Plight of a Git Newb

Last week Shamus Young has decided to open source his excellent proof of concept, procedural world generation project codenamed “Frontier”. This is actually quite exciting as there is a possibility that someone will clean it up, and manage to tweak … Continue reading

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Inverted World by Christopher Priest

As much as I love hard SF, I must admit that it often does not age well. If you pick up a 20-30 year old science fiction book, you will often find it full of outdated notions, discredited scientific theories … Continue reading

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Is your teen browsing the pr0n?

An article by Matt Ryan titled How to Tell if Your Teen is Browsing Adult Sites popped up in my Google Plus stream the other day. I believe it was posted by Chris Perillo, and I found it to be … Continue reading

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