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Dead Space 2: The Fear Factor

Dear diary, I played Dead Space 2 and didn’t fear even once. Is there something wrong with me? As you might have guessed, I spend a shameful amount of money on the recent Steam sale. It happened pretty much exactly … Continue reading

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What OS is on your Phone?

Out of sheer curiosity, what kind of OS do you guys run on your phones? If you have followed this blog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of the iPhone and that most of the time I … Continue reading

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Max Payne 3

If you saw the post title and got excited for an angry and bitter “Rockstar totally ruined this franchise” rant, I am sorry to disappoint. I have not played the original Max Payne games so I don’t actually know if, … Continue reading

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Why Webmails is the Only Working Email Solution

On Monday I wrote about my experimental shift to command line email clients. Or rather about being unhappy about the available command line client choices. Still, I sucked it up, configured Pine (well Apline but whatever) for my work IMAP … Continue reading

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EA and their hate of sales

I don’t know if you heard about this, but sometime last month David DeMartini – the head honcho at EA’s digital delivery platform known as Origin (you know their incredibly shitty spyware ridden attempt to replace Steam) said they will … Continue reading

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Email Sucks: Why are there no Modern Command Line Clients?

Lately I’ve been trying to experiment with weaning myself off the CPU/Memory expensive GUI clients and instead try living more on the command line. I came to a conclusion that you can’t really go wrong with command line. For one, … Continue reading

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What is in your pocket?

Back in 2009 I have made a post titled “What’s in your pocket?” in which I talked about my geek utility tool-belt – the dozen or so items I always carry in my pocket. I figured it might be an … Continue reading

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LaTex: Automating Repetition

Few days ago, a buddy of mine contacted me with a problem. He was tasked with creating about a thousand form letters (for snail mail distribution). Being an awesome dude, he turned to open source solutions – and specifically LaTex … Continue reading

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Plastic and Chrome

Cyberpunk is a bit overplayed these days. Or at the very least the classic Gibsonian model that we all consider a proper standard. Kids these days like other versions of *punk – like Steampunk or Dieselpunk. Cyberpunk was big in … Continue reading

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Celestis by Paul Park

Celestis by Paul Park is yet another book to add to my collection of stories with unconventional and interesting aliens. One thing I dislike in my science fiction are space opera style aliens. I’m willing to tolerate that kind of … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

Sigh… You guys knew this was coming right? I feel like I’m over-stretching this joke, but on the other hand it is a bit of a tradition. I have been doing this bit for so many years not I feel … Continue reading

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The joke on the internet is that Pintrest is for girls only. Visiting the front page of that fine service does nothing but reinforce that notion. On any given day, the front page content will likely look like this: What … Continue reading

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