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Luke’s Setup Assistant: A New Home

I have finally gotten my proverbial shit together and gotten my little systems utility a proper domain name. So Luke’s Setup Assistant has a legit, professional looking home now. Which hopefully makes it look more like a tool one would … Continue reading

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My Zombies Are Different

Zombies are not strictly a fantasy concept. In fact, they tend to be heavily under-utilized in that setting, perhaps for a good reason. In modern day or futuristic settings when the living dead show up, you can pretty much guarantee … Continue reading

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The King of Pain (Król Bólu) by Jacek Dukaj [part 2]

I’m usually not a huge fan of anthologies. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with collections of short stories – it’s just that when I buy a book, I prefer the more substantial experience of a novel, rather than … Continue reading

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