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Luke’s Setup Assistant: A New Home

I have finally gotten my proverbial shit together and gotten my little systems utility a proper domain name. So Luke’s Setup Assistant has a legit, professional looking home now. Which hopefully makes it look more like a tool one would … Continue reading

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My Zombies Are Different

Zombies are not strictly a fantasy concept. In fact, they tend to be heavily under-utilized in that setting, perhaps for a good reason. In modern day or futuristic settings when the living dead show up, you can pretty much guarantee … Continue reading

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The King of Pain (Król Bólu) by Jacek Dukaj [part 2]

I’m usually not a huge fan of anthologies. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with collections of short stories – it’s just that when I buy a book, I prefer the more substantial experience of a novel, rather than … Continue reading

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Comments are Back!

So the last few days I have been seeing a drop in comment activity. Spam comments were abundant as usual, but the kind of thoughtful and insightful commentary I’m used to has dwindled down to zero. I was a little … Continue reading

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Back when I was still actively playing World of Warcrap, one of the games’ many inside jokes were the pandas. According to the lore, somewhere in Azeroth there existed a race of pseudo-Chinese panda bears that were mostly known for … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.5: Blank Revisions Without Author

I don’t know if any of you guys use WordPress on a regular basis. Probably not, because true geeks use Jekyll to blog these days. I don’t blame you. I love it too but a site of this size and … Continue reading

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PHP Like a Pro: Part 7 (First Steps with Silex)

As I mentioned in the previous installment, I want to use Sixex four our new issue management tools. Why? Because it is easy to work with, lean, powerful and very testable. My composer.json file at the moment looks like this: … Continue reading

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Command Line Package Management on Windows

It was always my opinion that the “installer wizard” is a suboptimal method of delivering and deploying applications on client machines. Compared to the default (preferred) ways of installing applications on other platforms, the process of downloading and clicking through … Continue reading

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What’s in your Bash Prompt?

I spend a great deal of time on the command line. That’s how I usually manipulate files, do little maintenance tasks, run tests from and etc. Because of this I like to make that environment nice to look at. I … Continue reading

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

So, how did you guys like The Hobbit? I found it a little bit underwhelming. Then again, I’m not sure what could have been done differently to improve it… This story and this movie… They are what they are, and … Continue reading

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PHP Like a Pro: Part 6 (A New Project)

Having created a really simple Pastebin, how about we embark on something more ambitious. An actual web app with all the usual trappings: user accounts, session management, email notifications and etc. On the other hand, I shouldn’t try to build … Continue reading

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Bash Tips and Tricks

We haven’t done one of these threads in a while have we? Let’s share our favorite shell tips and tricks. I’ll talk about Bash because that’s what I use in my day-to-day work. If you happen to be Zsh user, … Continue reading

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PHP Like a Pro: Part 5

In Part 4, I mentioned the Codeception test framework, but didn’t really get to use it because their page temporarily went down and I didn’t feel like trying to hunt down the documentation from third party sources. That outage seemed … Continue reading

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PHP Like a Pro: Part 4

In the previous installment we built a semi-working skeleton of our application. It is time to finally get down to the business and make it talk to the database and actually save and retrieve out content. Normally this would be … Continue reading

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