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Unix ANSI colors and Windows colors in the same terminal

My windows setup is weird. Well, to be honest windows itself is a weird OS, but I make it even weirder by using Cygwin as my primary shell over there. This is not a perfect solution. In fact it is … Continue reading

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Private Journaling: Reading

Back in March, I more or less definitively resolved my private journal writing problem when I created I made it primarily for myself and so it was designed to scratch all of my particular itches. It was made to … Continue reading

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12 Silly Things People Believe About Computers

Some users are like little children or small animals: they require constant supervision, hand holding and care, else they may end up hurting themselves or damaging company property. Who are these users? Well, typically they are white collar office workers … Continue reading

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HOWTO Improve Your PC Gaming by 100% in 5 Minutes

I play video games on a PC. I know this may come as a surprise to some of you – after all I typically don’t blog about gaming that much at all. I mean it’s not like I have a … Continue reading

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My Undead are Different

What is the difference between a modern day zombie and a walking corpse from a fantasy universe? On the surface they are both undead killing machines, but the underlying mechanics of how they came to be and how they can … Continue reading

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Happy 4th!

Happy Jeff Golblum and Will Smith day everyone! If you don’t know what this is about, you haven’t been paying attention. Hint: it’s about aliens. If you are not celebrating the anniversary of the day when America somehow saved the … Continue reading

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Adventures in Paint Stripping (tabletop and RPG)

I believe I mentioned the fact I recently got back into Warhammer Fantasy, which is a tabletop miniature war game for adult man children that involves moving around big units of what amounts to fantasy styled army-men across the table. … Continue reading

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