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What is your favorite config file format?

Very frequently applications you write will need config files. Sometimes said files are going to be used to internally preserve the state of the application and only read or written to by the app itself, never being exposed to the … Continue reading

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Please don’t be like Dave

If you have a Wikipedia page devoted to your accomplishments it means you are kinda famous. At least that’s my personal barometer of “fame” whatever fame may actually be. I don’t have a Wikipedia page, and if someone tried to … Continue reading

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Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith

Sometimes you read a book and it completely blows your mind. That’s what happened to me when I read Diaspora or Line of Resistence. Only Forward is not one of these books. There are books that simply tell a great … Continue reading

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Gender Representation in Fantasy Settings: Single Sex Race Trope

I think that gender representation problems in popular fantasy settings is a topic that is too broad to cover in just one post. There is a lot to be said about the problematic way in which a lot of settings … Continue reading

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Getting Git

If you visit the internet sometimes, you have probably noticed that every month or so certain “developers” like to have a crying session about git being hard to get. I use the term developers in quotes because it is probably … Continue reading

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Hacking Human Memory

Human brain is a wonderfully complex apparatus that we have yet to learn how to replicate and out-perform in-silico. But it is not perfect. Our memory for example is rather unreliable and hard to manage. While memorizing data comes relatively … Continue reading

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Analog Serendipity

The other day I was re-watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World which, in my opinion, is one of the most wonderfully wacky movie that seems almost engineered to ensnare, mesmerize and capture the hearts and minds of my generation. I … Continue reading

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Nerd Portrayal on TV

I wrote a lengthy post explaining why I do not find shows like The Big Bang Theory very appealing back in September 2010. Since then, not much has changed in the way geek culture is portrayed on TV. I find … Continue reading

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