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This is my Sysadmin knowledge base. When I started this blog, I used to use it as my personal knowledge base. Every time I learned something new in my IT related jobs and projects, I would post about it so that I could easily find it later. The blog became my in-silico exomemory of sorts. Here is where I file my Linux and Unix related articles as well as Windows centric posts.

Spectacular Computer Failures: The Next Generation

If you have been wondering why blog post have been scarce lately, it is partly because my computer blew up again. Yes, the new one that I bought in September. If you have been following along, you might remember that … Continue reading

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Installing Arch Linux on the PogoPlug

Back in 2012 I wrote about how I set up a $30 linux server by installing Debian Squeze on a PogoPlug. I have been using the device for close to two years, but it died. I grabbed an identical replacement … Continue reading

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Spectacular Computer Failures: Part 2

My PC has died once again. This has happened before but it turned out to be a video card failure. I was able to identify the problem by listening to the beep-codes, ordered a new card and I was back … Continue reading

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