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This is my Sysadmin knowledge base. When I started this blog, I used to use it as my personal knowledge base. Every time I learned something new in my IT related jobs and projects, I would post about it so that I could easily find it later. The blog became my in-silico exomemory of sorts. Here is where I file my Linux and Unix related articles as well as Windows centric posts.

WordPress: Vanishing Categories

Roughly a month or so ago, something weird happened to this website. It was one of those weird and a bit scary glitches that make you question your own sanity because they come out of nowhere and they have seemingly … Continue reading

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Super Lazy Provisioning with Vagrant

It has been almost a year since I posted anything even remotely related to my php series. I guess I should have suspected that SITS would be the death-kneel for the project. It seemed like a good, small sized project … Continue reading

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As you may have heard already, my desktop is back to working condition. I decided to turn my hardware failure into a positive thing and take the time to upgrade my desktop. Not only did it get a new and … Continue reading

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