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Twin Sisters

Is it just me or is Haley Berry stealing Gigi Edgley’s Chiana look in X3? I swear, X3 storm and Chiana look like they were separated at birth: If they painted Haley the same grayish paint, she could play Chiana’s … Continue reading

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Monster Mega Breackfast

Monster Mega Breackfast, originally uploaded by maciakl. Ark and me went to the Red Hawk Diner today. We made the mistake of ordering their Mega Meals. He ordered the Gut Buster and I got the 12″ Pankakes. To my dismay, … Continue reading

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Best Fan Film Ever!

Rayan vs Dorkman must be one of the most awesome Star Wars fan films I have ever seen. Check it out! For more info go to Tags: star wars, starwars, fan film, video, cool, lightsaber

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