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Twin Sisters

Is it just me or is Haley Berry stealing Gigi Edgley’s Chiana look in X3? I swear, X3 storm and Chiana look like they were separated at birth: If they painted Haley the same grayish paint, she could play Chiana’s … Continue reading

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Monster Mega Breackfast

Monster Mega Breackfast, originally uploaded by maciakl. Ark and me went to the Red Hawk Diner today. We made the mistake of ordering their Mega Meals. He ordered the Gut Buster and I got the 12″ Pankakes. To my dismay, … Continue reading

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Best Fan Film Ever!

Rayan vs Dorkman must be one of the most awesome Star Wars fan films I have ever seen. Check it out! For more info go to Tags: star wars, starwars, fan film, video, cool, lightsaber

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LaTex Annoyances

I really like LaTex. I much prefer to typset my papers, rather than manufacture them in word. But every once in a while, I find little things that make using LaTex a PITA. For example, in my document, I have … Continue reading

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What is a pirate?

Abso-fucking-lutely priceless! Every time you say “piracy” when reffering to copyright infringement, you are helping to spread the RIAA’s and MPAA’s evil propaganda. Think about this. Tags: copyright, copyfight, drm, piracy, eff

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Makes you think…

Note, this video is over an hour long, but it is worth it: Think about this stuff when you watch United 93. Is United 93 an inspirational story, or a governmental propaganda? Everything you know about 9/11 might be a … Continue reading

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Tape Drives for $2k?

My hardware people recomend switching to a HP LTO2 tape drive for backups. I looked at their qoute, and I nearly fell off my chair. They were asking almost $2,000 just for the drive! Holy poop on a stick! I … Continue reading

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Latex Conditionals

If you are a graduate student, and have some sort of assistantship position I have one advice for you. Do not tell your professors that you know/enjoy/use latex. Do not talk to them about latex. If they figure out that … Continue reading

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Text Dumping PDF files

The other day I got a request to convert a PDF file into a text file or something that could be imported to Excel. The was essentially some big accounting mumbo-jumbo full of numbers arranged in columns with fancy headings. … Continue reading

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Save the Internet

Come on people, this is serious! Let me show you how the internet works. Right now it is set up like this: You pay for your own bandwidth (up and down) to an ISP Google pays for it’s own bandwidth … Continue reading

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Arcane Java Operators

I previously posted about the nifty ?: Java operator that I personally love, but that I never see in the code. And then I realized that there are quite a few instances of Java specific stuff that no one really … Continue reading

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Java ?: operator

One of the least understood, and most underestimated Java language constructs is the ?: operator. Most people never even seen it in action. And those who did, never actually used it to do anything meaningful. Imagine something like this: public … Continue reading

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Barefoot Shoemaker

The keyboard on my laptop is fucked. Up and Left arrow keys simply do not work. I figured it might have been a software glitch, but they do not work at the bootloader either. It is annoying as hell, but … Continue reading

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The case of the switch

Please look at the following code snippet and tell me what is wrong with it. No it contains no errors, just something really dumb that shows that the programmer does not understand the switch construct: switch(foo) {      case 1: … Continue reading

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No chanel switching during commercials.

Holy Jesus Jumping Christ! WTF is this world comming to? Philips suggests adding flags to commercial breaks to stop a viewer from changing channels until the adverts are over. The flags could also be recognised by digital video recorders, which … Continue reading

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Dirty Minds

Today after Programming Languages class we established that we (tech geeks) are really a bunch of horny perverts :P Only in our field, phrases like these below are considered normal and appropriate: A floppy is good but a hard drive … Continue reading

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Bush is a thief by RIAA standards

Apparently, president Bush has illegally ripped mp3’s on his ipod. President Bush’s iPod contains songs by the Beatles; since no Beatles songs have been licensed for the iTunes Music Store yet, these must have come from ripped CDs. Remember last … Continue reading

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Google Calendar > 30boxes

Google Calendar is possible the best calendaring app online at the moment. I have been playing with 30boxes lately, but the big G is much more polished and feature-full. Hell, for what I use it for it is better than … Continue reading

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WTF Code moments…

One of my Graduate Assistant responsibilities this semester is grading homeworks for an introductory Java class. As you can imagine, I see alot of bad code. But every once in a while, I run into something really “special”. The assignment … Continue reading

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The Shell is Done

I finished the Shell assignment for my OS class. All the basic requirements are met. I’m planning to play around with it some more, to add pipes, redirection, and allow user to run native apps from within. But that’s just … Continue reading

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Here is a random warning message which could be found on many BBS’es back in the day: ACHTUNG! ——– Das machine is nicht fur gerfingerpoken und mittengrabben. Ist easy schnappen der Sprinngwerk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken. Ist nicht fur … Continue reading

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Writing a Shell

The new project in the OS class is to write a java based shell emulation. I’m excited – this sounds like a really fun assignment. In fact, it just seems a wee bit easy. All you really need to do … Continue reading

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How to pull an all-Nighter?

I was reading Lifehacker, and I found this article about pulling all-nighters. It’s all nice and dandy but there is nothing in that article that wouldn’t be common sense, and self explanatory. What is the point of giving advice such … Continue reading

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The cost of elegant code…

There are essentially two ways to code: Elegantly Optimally Elegant code, is usually well structured, object oriented and human readable. Blocks of code are neatly divided into meaningfully named methods. All the methods are atomic (ie. they accomplish only one … Continue reading

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Bad News

This one cracks me up every time: It might be old, I don’t know – but it’s funny. Tags: funny, humor, comic, kermit, bad news

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