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Rootkit DRM Methods Fuel Piracy

I talked to several people lately who expressed interest in BioShock. I told them straight up: no matter what you do, don’t buy that shit. If you do, you will just get brutally fucked up the ass by SecuRom, online … Continue reading

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Hotlinking Rant

I’ve been getting hit by hot linking pretty hard lately. If the site has been slow and unresponsive lately, it might have been because of that. Apparently someone has been using some of the images hosted here in their post … Continue reading

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WASD, Arrow Keys or HJKL?

The other day I saw this: author unknown I decided we need to have a showdown. Which is your favorite movement key combination for gaming and/or text editing? Favorite Keys WASD HJKL Arrow Keys Numpad Keys View Results While we … Continue reading

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Access Your Linux Box Remotely With NoMachine

As remote protocols go VNC is usually considered the standard because it is open, popular and relatively easy to work with. There are dozens of free and commercial implementations of the protocol, and even products like my favorite CrossLoop use … Continue reading

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Random Adsense Adds

Google cracks me up sometimes. Sometimes their ads are right on the money – relevant to the topic that it’s scary. The other times… Well, see for yourself. I found this one in a post about the Google Reader: This … Continue reading

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Linux: Quick and Dirty Way to Take Screenshots

Random linux tip – if you don’t feel like dealing with the regular KDE or Gnome based applications or mechanisms for taking snapshots of your screen, there is a simpler and quicker way. You can do it directly from the … Continue reading

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Google Reader Subscription Page Sucks

I love Google Reader. Especially now, after they added the long lost search feature and taught it to count to a thousand. It is awesomer (yes, awesomer is a word, and if you don’t like that GTFO) than ever, but … Continue reading

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The “Part Time Job Offer” Scam

Since documenting various email scams such as the UK National Lottery Scam, and the Lady Rita Mosley Scam turned out to be really helpful to so many people, I decided to tackle another spam that appeared in my mailbox recently. … Continue reading

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TV Tropes

I found my new favorite website: If you like watching TV, movies, anime or comic books and you enjoy discussion plot devices and storytelling techniques they use don’t click that link, unless you have few spare hours. It will … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Clear Type Fonts

I’m wondering how long will it take until the legions of low skilled Weekend Web Designers will start using the Microsoft ClearType Fonts en masse. I’m guessing it’s popularity will be largely dependent on proliferation of the 2007 edition of … Continue reading

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Ubuntulite: Problems Running Feisty on Old Hardware

While I was moderately happy with Fluxbuntu, I decided to give Ubuntulite a shot. It sounded like a great idea – the most basic of basic systems, with minimal Openbox setup on top of it. Fluxbuntu still seemed to exhibit … Continue reading

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MySQL: Find Duplicate Entries in a Table

Here is a little background for this issue. The database used to run on ancient copy of MySQL until very recently we upgraded it to 5.0. Not without some headaches of migrating the database, but it worked. Common problem we … Continue reading

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Latex: Squeezing the Vertical White Space

Here are some tips on how to “compress” your paper vertically by minimizing white space gaps between elements. I had to do this few days ago when school refused to duplicate my syllabus because it was 14 pages long. I … Continue reading

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Is Dell Dropping the Ball on Ubuntu?

I admit that I was pretty excited when I first heard about Dell shipping Ubuntu on their select machines. I figured that you can’t go wrong with a pre-installed tested system. However, since I haven’t bought one, or read any … Continue reading

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The Joys of Backup over USB

I just took a look at my backup progress bar on the windows box: Check out the elapsed time – 18 hours and counting. This is why I only do backups once a week – I just can’t have this … Continue reading

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Password (In)Security at Verizon Wireless

I was changing my password for my Verizon Wireless account and I suddenly saw this message: If you can’t read that, it essentially says that passwords must: be 8-20 characters long (somewhat good practice – more characters the better) contain … Continue reading

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New Phone

I went out and bought the shiny, sleek and sexy LG VX8700. I know, I was thinking about getting the enV – but in the end this seemed like a better choice. The enV just felt bulky and clumsy when … Continue reading

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Your Favorite File Compression Tool on Windows

One thing that always amazed me was how WinZip managed to maintain it’s shareware status after Windows XP included zip functionality in the explorer interface. I always figured that WinZip business model of nagging you untill you pay would crumple … Continue reading

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Let’s all cry that Tabs are Difficult.

I was catching up on my backed up on my feeds, and I stumbled upon a link to some whiny post that tabs are redundant. I’m not sure if you knew (and if you didn’t – welcome to the internet!) … Continue reading

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MySQL Admin 1.0.19: libmysqlx.dll Error

I noticed that on one of the servers the MySQL Admin was behaving weird. When you tried to inspect the schema of some tables by double clicking on it’s icon it would generate the following error: Access violation at address … Continue reading

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Blackboard Gradebook Sucks

I hate blackboard. I really, really hate blackboard. But it’s better than nothing. Anyone else has this sort of love/hate relationship with the world’s worst course management system? What is pissing me off about Blackboard today? It’s the grade book … Continue reading

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Lenovo Linux Vote

One of the official Lenovo blogs is asking the users what Linux distro they would want to be supported on their Thinkpad. Something tells me that Ubuntu is winning: It seems that Ubuntu users are a legion. Give us a … Continue reading

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Installing Fluxbuntu on Compaq Presario 1240

This post is yet another entry in the Compaq Presario 1240 saga. If you have been reading this blog for the past week or so, you know what is going on. If you are new, let me explain. Last December … Continue reading

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Consistent Nero Burn Errors

The other day I noticed that none of the 5 [tag]iso[/tag]’s I burned passed the [tag]integrity check[/tag]. I’ve been fighting with Ubuntu and fluxbuntu for couple of days now, and they always seem to be having the weirdest errors during … Continue reading

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Installing Slax Popcorn on Compaq Presario 1240

I was slightly disappointed with my installation of Damn Small Linux on the Compaq Presario 1240. Since Arch Linux didn’t work I decided to try another compact distribution called Slax. It’s based on Slackware and is designed to boot from … Continue reading

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