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Rootkit DRM Methods Fuel Piracy

I talked to several people lately who expressed interest in BioShock. I told them straight up: no matter what you do, don’t buy that shit. If you do, you will just get brutally fucked up the ass by SecuRom, online … Continue reading

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Hotlinking Rant

I’ve been getting hit by hot linking pretty hard lately. If the site has been slow and unresponsive lately, it might have been because of that. Apparently someone has been using some of the images hosted here in their post … Continue reading

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WASD, Arrow Keys or HJKL?

The other day I saw this: author unknown I decided we need to have a showdown. Which is your favorite movement key combination for gaming and/or text editing? Favorite Keys WASD HJKL Arrow Keys Numpad Keys View Results While we … Continue reading

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