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Using Spare Laptop LCD as a VGA Monitor

We have bunch of old broken laptops lying around at work. Most of them are unusable, but I don’t like to throw them out because they are a great resource of spare parts. Sometimes I’m able to dig in that … Continue reading

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Taking Weekends Off

Just wanted to drop a quick note here – I won’t be doing Saturday posts anymore. I already gave up on Sunday posting back in January and I mentioned I might go down to a much healthier 5 day schedule. … Continue reading

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Only Trolls wear Martian Headsets

I wasn’t going to comment on Joel Spolsky’s Martian Headsets ramble for two reasons: it was an obvious troll-bait, and people much smarter than me already pounded it into the ground. But alas, the Spolsky FUD seems to have infected … Continue reading

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