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Dynamic Method Creation in Python

I like to use this example to totally freak out Java people. Cool dynamic languages such as Python or Ruby allow you to modify the definition of any class on the fly. Javascript let’s you do that too, but then … Continue reading

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Dexter: Season 2

When I blogged about Season 1 of Dexter I expressed my concern about quality of the second season. Really good shows which deliver a satisfying conclusion in it’s first season’s finale can often suffer from a sudden drop in quality. … Continue reading

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Google App Engine

When the Google App Engine first launched I didn’t really have much to say about this. It was neat but I failed to fully comprehend what it represented. Only after I read a transcript of Steve Yegge’s recent talk in … Continue reading

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Google Notebook had trouble loading. Please reload.

Ever since I updated my Windows box to Firefox 3.0 I’ve been having issues with the Google Notebook plugin. I actually use it a lot to “clip” interesting quotes, links or snippets of code and have them accessible from any … Continue reading

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VirtualBox B0rken By Gutsy Kernel Upgrade

I still have Gutsy on my work computer. I should really upgrade it to Hardy but unfortunately “dist upgrade in progress” is not really an acceptable excuse for not doing actual work so I keep putting it away. Ideally I … Continue reading

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File Based or Disk Based Backups?

Let’s talk backups. How do you do it? I mean, you do make backups, right? We talked about this before many times. Backups are not an option! They are not something that computer geeks do for fun.They are necessity, and … Continue reading

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Dexter: Season 1

Recently I realized that I really don’t watch much TV. Or rather I do watch fair share of it, but I don’t do it the way normal people do it. When I come back from work, I tune my TV … Continue reading

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Games With Best Replay Value

I usually play though most of the video games I own once – sometimes twice. Some games I just never finish – of abandon after just few days. I find that strategy games (especially RTS games) rarely hold my interest … Continue reading

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The problem with Wikis

There is a billion and one wiki engines out there. Some are very simple, others have many advanced features. And almost every single one has it’s own idea on what a wiki syntax ought to be. There is really very … Continue reading

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Laptops in the Classroom

Here is a short excerpt from a longer article someone posted to the MSU [discuss] list the other day. I found it somewhat interesting because it is actually like the only vaguely on topic message on that list I saw … Continue reading

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The :first-element selector crashes IE

I made one of those interesting discoveries that make you go WTF. Apparently, when I was messing around with CSS on Friday I accidentally developed a style sheet that can crash IE6 and IE7 under certain circumstances. The code snippet … Continue reading

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Downtime on Thursday Afternoon

Apparently some of you had the doubtful pleasure of seeing my directory index between 4 and 5:30 pm yesterday. Apparently I set their server on fire by (check this out) flushing the WP-Cache to see the small tweaks in the … Continue reading

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Show me your desktop

Guess what time it is? It’s time to share our desktop screen shots! Wohoo! Go desktop exhibitionism! We actually did this once before, and several people jumped into the thread and pimped their awesome setups. It also turned out that … Continue reading

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Hitman the Movie the Review

I must admit that I’m a huge fan of the Hitman series. I loved all of the games, but you probably know that because I reviewed at least one of them on this very blog. When I heard that the … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Hardy on Compaq Presario 1240 (Living Without X)

Well, the Nethack Server is gone. I know that couple of people played on it, and Anthony even ascended but it is now gone. It was actually off line for months now and I didn’t even notice. It got knocked … Continue reading

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Linksys WPC54G ver. 1.2 with WPA on Hardy

I’m pleased to say that my old trusty Linksys WPC54G ver 1.2 works without ndiswrapper Hardy Heron. I have been using this card since Hoary, but never “natively”. My last attempt at installing it was under Feisty and I failed. … Continue reading

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On Monday I wrote about the horrible, brain damaging experience that was the new Indiana Jones movie. In the comments section Teague asked me what was the last good movie that I saw. Well, I decided that I will write … Continue reading

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Design by Contract in PHP with Assertions

Recently I wrote about meta programming in php because my recent project involves quite a bit of it. I will probably write about it at some other point but it’s still in sort of early development stage. However while these … Continue reading

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Free Public Wifi Epidemic

Here is a question for you. Have you noticed a strange, non functioning, un-encrypted ad-hoc wireless network occasionally popping up on your Wifi network list in your area? Yeah, I did too. When I first saw it at work, I … Continue reading

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Piracy: A Social Phenomenon

I was always a little bit on the fence on the issue of piracy. I do not want to openly endorse it here on a public blog. I agree that conceptually it is a wrong thing to do, and that … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I propose a new rule: George Lucas is no longer allowed to write or direct any movies, and any creative input he has on any production he is funding needs to be approved by someone who is not senile. Indiana … Continue reading

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