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Run Lola, Run (Lola Rennt)

How would I describe this movie in one sentence? Let’s see. Maybe “Groundhog Day on Crack”? Hmmm… No that’s not it. In fact it’s not even close. The movie does bring up similar questions about time, chance, cause and effect … Continue reading

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POP+SMTP Setup is on it’s way out

Here is a prediction: in the next few years traditional POP+SMTP email setup will become virtually extinct. I’m basing this on several factors. For one, no one actually remembers what these things are anymore. My students think that POP is … Continue reading

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Diceless or Dice Heavy RPG?

Do you like to roll a lot of dice when you play RPG games? This is not really an invitation to discuss the Big Model or the GNS Theory. You can discuss them but be aware that my attitude and … Continue reading

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