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Fallout 3: Side Quest Rant

When I reviewed Fallout 3, I did some complaining about the writing. Not all quests in the game are bad though. I wanted to take a closer look at two selected side quests: one that annoyed me, and one that … Continue reading

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Rebooting Comic Book Franchises

In recent years comic book adaptations have become extremely profitable. Movie studios are literally fighting over superhero franchises these days because they know it is easy money. We have finally reached the point in time when comic book nostalgia is … Continue reading

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Movies: Rent, Own or Download?

Here is a question: how often do you buy movies on DVD/Bluray these days? I don’t. I can’t tell you when was the last time I actually bought a movie in a physical format. Actually, scratch that. I do remember. … Continue reading

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