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Happy Haloween!

Since I’m not going to be posting on Saturday, I just wanted to wish everyone Happy Halloween. Remember that tomorrow is technically Xmas because Oct 31 == Dec 25 so you should probably watch out for Robot Santa as you … Continue reading

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The Windows 7 FAQ: Stop Asking This Crap

Why do people keep asking me about Windows 7. I don’t care about it. I really don’t! And yet, somehow everyone I meed somehow assumes that the term software developer means no more and no less than guy who knows … Continue reading

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Developping Blackberry Apps: Dice Roller

Last week I wrote about developing a simple hello world app for your blackberry. Today I want to go one step further and show you how to make a real world application that actually does something. Of course since we … Continue reading

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Ansible Based Interstellar Internet

Interstellar Internet – how do we make it work? This is something that has been bothering me lately. How will we extend internet once we leave Earth and start colonizing other planets and/or solar systems. We know that conventional communication … Continue reading

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Flash Forward

I’m writing this review because apparently everyone in the world asked me whether I checked it out yet. Yes, every single person in the fucking world came up to me and was like: “Luke, you totally need to check out … Continue reading

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Solitary Superhero Syndrome

Here is my beef about superhero movies that are coming out of Hollywood lately: they all suffer from what I call a Solitary Superhero Syndrome. “You are making this up, aren’t you? There is no such thing.” Of course I’m … Continue reading

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Developping Blackberry Apps: Hello World

I almost forgot about this post. It got stuck in the draft queue for a few weeks now, but since I’m running low on postable content, I decided to resurrect it, clean it up and post it. As promised, I … Continue reading

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WordPress Force SSL Administration

“See, you shouldn’t steel internet on a regular basis” I told my acquittance, “it’s not that it’s wrong – it’s just not safe.” I mean, think about it – you never know if the person running an open wifi node … Continue reading

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District 9

Back in 2006 Neil Blomkamp released an amazing short film titled Alive in Joburg. It was only six and a half minutes long, but it blew my mind. It had amazing low key special effects the kind of timing, and … Continue reading

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On Facebook and that type of stuff

“I just don’t get Facebook and that type of stuff” a man once told me “I just don’t see myself using such a service”. In fact many people told me the same thing over and over again. What is there … Continue reading

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Morrowind: Installation Procedure

As you know, I got myself a beast of a gaming machine this year. This is why I have been reviewing all these recent games, and complaining how much I hate most of them. So, I decided to install and … Continue reading

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Repeating HTML Table Headers on Each Printed Page

Here is a neat HTML trick for printing HTML tables that most people don’t know about. Btw, designing your page to print well, is actually a joyless task full of insurmountable obstacles such as lack of any page break support … Continue reading

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Save Anywhere vs Checkpoints

I hate games that don’t allow me to save my progress whenever I want. That is pretty much the biggest turnoff for me and usually the #1 reason why I abandon games halfway through. I just don’t have time for … Continue reading

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jQuery: Grid like table with keyboard navigation

Guess what time is it kids? It’s time for yet another boring, technical post. It’s that sort of week. Or rather it was – I usually queue my posts approximately 8-10 days in advance. This means that if I get … Continue reading

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Sneakernet is Alwas Faster

Recently a friend forwarded me this quote: This just in, man walking is faster than FIOS! Earlier today a man walked across the street with a 1TB hard drive, at the same time he transferred the file using Verizon FIOS. … Continue reading

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MySQL: Conditional Update

You learn something new every day. Here is a neat little SQL trick that I just learned. As usual, this post is mostly here for my future reference, and of course the overall good of the humankind. I hope someone … Continue reading

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Assasin’s Creed: First Impression

I wanted to play Assasin’s Creed for a while now. It just seemed to be a game right up my alley. I don’t remember if I have ever mentioned my love for the Hitman games around here. I probably did … Continue reading

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Developping Blackberry Applications

Few months ago, I got myself a Blackberry Storm. It is a neat little device whose main fault is essentially the fact that it is not an iPhone. It’s essentially a hybrid. On one hand it tries to be more … Continue reading

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