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Dystopias and Utopias

In the Twisted Thicket thread Alex gave me the following challenge: You have a good grasp on the topics of dystopian and utopian worlds. However, I would like to hear your own theory of how we could become both a … Continue reading

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Themed RPG Characters

Do you ever intentionally cripple your RPG characters for better game play experience? Let me give you an example – in the Fallout New Vegas post Zel mentioned that he played a diplomat character. That means that during character creation … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are reading me from within the US of A. It’s actually tomorrow, but I figured I’ll post this today since I usually don’t have posts queued for Thursdays. … Continue reading

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Twisted Thicket

Do you ever have episodes of completely random web browsing that take you in unexpected directions? For example the other day I was watching some prank video on Youtube and about 20 minutes later I somehow stumbled upon this: Little … Continue reading

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FPS Games on Consoles

Those of you who read this blog know that I am an exclusive PC gamer. I don’t own any of the current gen consoles, and I’m not really planning to buy any of them because they really don’t offer anything … Continue reading

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Fallout New Vegas Bugs

Before I start complaining about the bugs in the game, let me say this: so far New Vegas had fewer problems than Fallout 3 for me. I know, it’s wild. A game made by Obsidian on Bethesda engine should be … Continue reading

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SetupAssistant Update

Since I’m dog fooding SetupAssistant it has been sort of slowly growing on me. It also is half broken half the time. This is mostly due to the fact I’m still supporting tons of Windows XP machines, and this is … Continue reading

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World

I finally got to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World and I absolutely loved it. It didn’t do that well at the box office, and there is a lot folks who dismiss it with a shrug but it is undeniably … Continue reading

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New Vegas Mods

You probably saw this post coming, didn’t you? Every time I play a Bethesda game I tend to make a post like this. New Vegas is technically a Bethesda game, but it is built around their engine so I guess … Continue reading

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Caretakers by Dan Curtis Johnson

Every once in a while I stumble on to good short stories and I post them here for your enjoyment. I found yet another one, and I wanted to share it. This time it is not some hidden gem by … Continue reading

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Fallout New Vegas: First Impression

New Vegas was built around the same engine as Fallout 3 so unsurprisingly it looks, feels and plays like it’s predecessor. I do believe that Obsidian did mock around with the graphical layer of the game, because it feels slightly … Continue reading

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The City and The City

The City and The City by China Mieville is one of the more remarkable books I have read this year. At it’s core, it is a well written detective story but it is much more than that. It takes place … Continue reading

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Death Knights and uniqie WoW game play experiences

If you asked me what was the most fun area in WoW I would without hesitation say that it is probably the newbie location for Death Knights. Why? Because it is not static. You see, most of the world of … Continue reading

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