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Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America is the last big shared continuity Marvel movie before the big Avengers event of 2012. It is Marvel’s last chance to wow the audience and make them interested in the bigger project, and to get the critics to … Continue reading

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Share your favorite podcasts, online shows and LP’s

I don’t think we have done this in a while (or ever) so lets talk about our favorite podcasts, snline series and LP’s. I’m mostly doing this to see what you guys like, because I’m probably missing out on some … Continue reading

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How the internet ruined interpersonal communication

You know what really grinds my gears? When kids younger than me complain about the digital age communication systems are ruining society as a whole. When middle aged housewives or aging pointy haired managers do that I get it. I … Continue reading

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Transformers vs Fifth Element: Rant about Mindless Entertainment

I have not seen the new Transformers movie because I really don’t think Michael Bay should get my money. I really don’t want to encourage him to make more movies so I’m voting with my wallet and staying away from … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality HUD Glasses

This might just be an aftermath of reading Halting State, but lately I have been wondering why don’t we have affordable HUD glasses yet. I’m not talking about ocular input / eye tracking stuff – just a nice HUD overlay … Continue reading

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Mac Tips and Tricks I learned so far

I have been an owner of a shiny Mac Book Pro for about a month now. I figured I will share a few of the tricks I have learned so far. If you own a Mac you probably already know … Continue reading

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Difficult Game Choices: Mr. House and the Brotherhood

SPOILER WARNING This post will discuss the end game events in Fallout New Vegas. If you have not finished this game yet, and you plan to do so at a later date, please proceed with caution. Major spoilers below! Today … Continue reading

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Halting State by Charles Stross

Halting State is definitely one of Charlie Stross’ low end books. It is nowhere near as impressive and intellectually stimulating as Accelerando or Glasshouse. I’d probably put it in the same category as Singularity Sky. Still, it is quite interesting … Continue reading

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Google Plus

Google has been trying to get into the social network business several times before. It’s first attempt, Orkut was actually a partial success, though I imagine it was not what they expected it to be. The service is wildly popular … Continue reading

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Perfect Imperfection (Perfekcyjna Niedoskonałość) by Jacek Dukaj

When I read Accelerando I concluded that Charlie Stross is a master of putting a staggering number of cool ideas on every single page of his novel. The density of ideas per page in that book was so great it … Continue reading

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Welcome to the world of tomorrow…

Sometimes reality can seem stranger than fiction. Every once in a while I stumble upon a news headline that looks like it was taken directly from a science fiction novel. In fact, I believe that Cory Doctorow said (though I … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

Hey everyone, guess what day is it today? It’s Independence Day! A day when we commemorate the defeat of the alien fleet that blew up the white house by blowing shit up with fireworks. But most importantly it is a … Continue reading

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Duke Nukem Forever

How many of you played the original Duke Nukem? I know that some of you are my age or older, so I assume that we have a good number of readers that experienced the game back when it came back, … Continue reading

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