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What is your primary computing device?

My primary computing machine is still out of commission which is why my posting lately has been a bit spotty. For the last week or so I have been confined to my 15″ MacBook which is a great little machine … Continue reading

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Spectacular Computer Failures

If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know about my hardware failure. If you don’t… Well. why you should! Seriously, sign up for that thing and click on the bird to become my follower. The number of followers … Continue reading

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When Gamers Grow Old

Gaming as a hobby has always had a core audience. The target demographic which most developers tend to care about the most has traditionally been the 16-30 year old males. Of course publishers are happy to sell their games to … Continue reading

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Bit Rot by Charles Stross

There are two kinds of stories awesome and not awesome. Professional critics may use much more granular scale, but for my purposes this is pretty much sufficient. The awesomeness of the story, as indicated by the back-of-the-cover blurb or it’s … Continue reading

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Tomb Raider

It was the lazy summer of 97 (or maybe 98) when the three of us sat on the cool basement floor, clustered around the TV and swearing like sailors every time Lara died which worked out to be about every … Continue reading

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Let’s Learn LaTex: Part 6

In Part 4 we talked about the tabular environment which, as I mentioned, is more or less equivalent to tables in HTML. There is another popular way to typeset tabulated data in LaTex which emulates a feature that simply does … Continue reading

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Rapture of the Nerds by Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow

Charless Stross is currently one of my favorite SF authors, but his output can sometimes be uneven. He typically averages between stuff that’s absolutely bloody brilliant (Accelerando, Glass House) to high end pulp (like Singularity Sky). Even his low-end, underwhelming … Continue reading

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If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know that I am a big believer in wearable technology. I’m actually kinda bummed out that I mostly missed the boat on Google Glass beta program by not … Continue reading

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