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Meta information, personal posts, blog related news and etc.. This is where I apologize when the blog goes down, or warn you if I plan to be MIA for a while.

Explosive Log Failure

Terminally Incoherent went down this Friday. And when I say down, I mean all the way down – terminally shut as it were. Fortunately, no one noticed. I got no angry emails.Hell, I didn’t even get a friendly “hey, your … Continue reading

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Comments are Back!

So the last few days I have been seeing a drop in comment activity. Spam comments were abundant as usual, but the kind of thoughtful and insightful commentary I’m used to has dwindled down to zero. I was a little … Continue reading

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A Brief Hiatus

I have not died. I’m still alive and kicking – just not on the internet lately. My digital output here and in the social media sphere in the past week was uncharacteristically minimal, if not nonexistent. Other priorities took precedence … Continue reading

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