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Comcastic Saga: Day 5

Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently in Day 5 of the Comcastic Saga. If you remember my post from yesterday, I had major internet connectivity issues since Monday. I had a Comcast technician on site every single day of the … Continue reading

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Comcast is driving me nuts! My workplace has been having major connectivity issues for the past week and we still don’t know it the problems will be resolved any time soon. Here is my story: Day 1 Our internet connection … Continue reading

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I have been using co.mments for few days now, and I love it. I allows you to track all the comments you post on other blogs in one place. I read allot of blogs, and I comment often. But if … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man was horrible… Spider-Man 2 sucked so bad it me nauseous… Spider-Man 3… Actually it doesn’t look that bad. I just watched the trailer, and the scenes with the symbiont look awesome. Chances are that this movie will be much … Continue reading

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Worst Advice Ever

Don’t you love when someone posts a piece of really, really bad, clueless advice on a popular blog, all the cool kids repeat it over and over again? Instructables made a silly suggestion that you should keep your pait brushes … Continue reading

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Games Workshop US needs a new webmaster

I just popped over to the US Games Workshop site to try to figure out when will I be able to pre-order the Codex Eldar and this is what I saw: Ooops! The whole site, including the online store. Judging … Continue reading

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Terrorist of Love

This cracked me up: This is from Sinfest – I love that comic.

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Do you know the jargon?

Lately I noticed that every time people find some niche topic in which they can specialize they develop their own jargon. This seems to be a natural process that occurs because when such specialization occurs, there is an increased need … Continue reading

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Luke, I am your father!

I think that what I plan to say now, accurately mirrors the feelings of all the men in the world named Luke. That one line from Star Wars, that everyone is so fond of quoting when they meet us, stopped … Continue reading

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AT&T Privacy Policy

Hehehe! This is priceless! If you don’t get it, read this.

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Hitman: Blood Money

I am a huge fan of Hitman games, so I could not resist picking up the 4th installment of the series. BTW, how do you call 4th part in a sequence? Second part is a sequel, and if something has … Continue reading

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Futurama is Back!

ZOMG! Futurama is back! Or will be back soon. According to BoingBoing, the show was renewed for 13 new episodes on Comedy Central. All the voice actors agreed to return, and now they are trying to track down all the … Continue reading

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Shoot me now…

The nice tandem DFS setup I blogged about the other day is driving me nuts today. Today I had 2 employees open the same file on the network share. Both of them got a different copy, and neither one was … Continue reading

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Hello, I’m a Mac

Hey, have you seen the new Apple commercials? You know, the ones with the young ultra hip Mac dude, and geeky middle aged chubby PC guy? Mac: Hello, I’m a Mac. PC: And I’m a PC. Mac: And we’re here … Continue reading

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AT&T 0wnz j00!

Surprisingly, the latest and greatest violation of privacy this week was not implemented by our beloved fascist republican overlords. Nope, it was implemented by AT&T who blatantly declared that it 0wnz all the private information about you. They also reserve … Continue reading

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This is so cool!

If you are into old 2D beat’em up arcade games you might love this. It’s a sprite based machinima with a bizarre, twisted anime like style. It features a baby pirate, evil squids, zombies and “pure awesome”: The dude should … Continue reading

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New Server Setup

After two long days of trying to have everything set up without interrupting normal work flow in the office we finally have a new server up and running. Guess which one is the new one? The thing that I really … Continue reading

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Matrix Effect

I was bored the other day, so I started playing with filters in photoshop and did this: I was going for a matrix look, but then again I’m a total photoshop n00b.

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Kubuntu WPC54G v1.2 + ndiswrapper – Final Solution

I finally solved my ndiswrapper issue. If you remember my previous rants, I could never get WEP to work with my Linksys WPC54G v1.2 card. It simply wouldn’t work for me. I think the problem was not with me but … Continue reading

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Private Ryan as WW2 Multiplayer FPS

Call me lame, but I find this amusing: image © This might be old, I don’t know…

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I want to see this movie

OMG! This looks absolutely hilarious kinda funny: I do realize that this movie might actually suck really bad, like “IT Crowd”. That show just recycled old jokes about computer geeks. This movie might be the same only applied to role … Continue reading

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Page Rank and Advertising without Net Neutrality

You know, I have been thinking. How is lack of net neutrality going to affect things like page rank or online advertising? Let’s suppose I have a highly ranked site, and one day my host decides to stop paying AT&T … Continue reading

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No more cavities ever?

I hate going to the dentist. Most people do. But hey, there is a chance that we will never have to go again if this research pans out. Here is the gist of the story. Cavities are caused by Streptococcus … Continue reading

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Great moments in TV history…

Stephen Collbert totally pwns Lynn Westmoreland. Apparently the guy who co sponsored a bill to put 10 Commandments in courthouses can’t even name 5 commandments himself! :lol: This must be the funniest thing I have seen in years. Link via … Continue reading

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Things missing from Guild Wars…

Guild Wars is great but sometimes I feel that there are some things missing in the game, which should not be that horribly difficult to fix. For example there are some serious problems with the in-game item trade: Some players … Continue reading

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