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Indexing Really Helps

Today I needed to modify a relatively simple, single table selection [tag]query[/tag] in my web app to include [tag]left join[/tag] with another table. One table holds info about submitted reports, while the other has the results of an evaluation form … Continue reading

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Does Sen. Stevens have an OFF button?

I think Senator Ted “[tag]The Tubes[/tag]” [tag]Stevens[/tag] is on a quest to become the most hated and ridiculed person on the internets. Apparently he is the guy who put the super-doubleplus-[tag]secret hold[/tag] on the bill that would open up [tag]federal … Continue reading

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Alex Cherry – Deviant Monkeys

Check out this sick [tag]deviant art[/tag] gallery. I really like this guys style. I would describe it as hauntingly awesome, but then again I’m no [tag]art[/tag] critic. All I know is that this is going to be my new desktop … Continue reading

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WTF is Alien vs. Alien?

Can someone tell me what is [tag]Alien vs. Alien[/tag] aka [tag]Final Destination[/tag] aka [tag]The Final Frontier[/tag]? All I know is that it is a science fiction movie and [tag]Gigi Edgley[/tag] is in it. Other than that, there is just no … Continue reading

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DFS and Concurrency

The fucking [tag]DFS[/tag] is going to be the end of me. It’s great, and awesome but only when you make sure that everyone is connected to the single server. Otherwise you get sharing violations and all hell breaks loose. For … Continue reading

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Windows Administration Commands

Here are some of the more obscure, and yet extremely useful [tag]windows commands[/tag] every [tag]administrator[/tag] should know about. This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are simply windows utilities that I would feel naked without. Most of these … Continue reading

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No More Grants for Evolutionary Bio. Students

If you want to study [tag]evolution[/tag], you can no longer do that on a federal education [tag]grant[/tag] for low-income [tag]college[/tag] students. If this is a mistake then it is very damn convenient, considering how our president is a strong supporter … Continue reading

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I can’t brain today…

I just want to kill and explode shit today, but I either finished, or got violently sick of all the [tag]games [/tag]in my house that would allow me to do that… author unknown – please claim it I need [tag]recommendations … Continue reading

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Nikto is an awesome perl script which will test your web server for vulnerabilities. For example, it will tell you if you have any gaping holes in your configuration that would allow attackers to run known exploits. It will also … Continue reading

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Big deal over Pluto

Dear Internets, [tag]Pluto[/tag] is not a [tag]planet[/tag] anymore. Get over it. We have [tag]8 planets[/tag] now, and it doesn’t really change anything. All we need to do is to put a footnote in the new books and encyclopedias stating that … Continue reading

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Spider Web

Taken out of context, this is quite disturbing but funny as hell: click to see original Eeeeew! found via myconfinedspace [tags]spiderman, spider man, spider web, sticky, aunt may, comic book, super hero[/tags]

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Gemail Issues

Anyone else is having [tag]Gmail issues[/tag] todoay? Whenever I try to send out an email I get the following popup: It started happening today around 6pm or so. I also have this weird yellow warning square in the [tag]gmail[/tag] chat … Continue reading

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Colbert rips off Zefrank?

If you have watched the [tag]Colbert Report[/tag] you probably saw Steven’s commentary on Gregori Perelman’s refusal to accept the [tag]Fields Medal[/tag]. Perelman received his award for producing a proof to the [tag]PoincarĂ© Conjecture[/tag] showing that it is impossible to deform … Continue reading

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Just how geeky are you anyway?

Ever wondered exactly how [tag]geeky[/tag] are you? When I say geeky, I mean it in the most positive, favorable way. How much more knowledgeable, and technologically competent are you compared to the unwashed masses? Below are some more or less … Continue reading

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Backup Server Project

I’m becoming anal-retentive about [tag]backups[/tag] lately. Back in the day I really didn’t care about it. But I have seen so many drives going bad in the last few months, that I’m getting obsessive about securing my own data. Right … Continue reading

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WTF University Meets Blackboard

I just read the newest post at [tag]Daily WTF[/tag] and it reminded me of the fun times we had with the Blackboard system. Yes, I am talking about the same company which patented LMS . You see, [tag]Blackboard[/tag] is so … Continue reading

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Which browser do you use?

Here is the [tag]statistics[/tag] for visitor [tag]browser usage[/tag] breakdown as of today. I think it is really interesting considering all the comments I got in the browser thread: Firefox rules supreme, trailed by IE, Safari and Opera. Wow! I’m really … Continue reading

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Bash – Getting Input From the User

Every once in a while you might need to write a bash script that needs to prompt user for some input (for example name, path, search keyword, etc..) and then process it. The easiest way to do this is to … Continue reading

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How to Create Web 2.0 Statup

If you want to join the awesome Web 2.0 trend this is a good time to create your own awesome new service. Here is how to do it. First you need an awesome name. There are two types of names … Continue reading

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Writely is Awesome

I signed up for Writely, and so far I’m very impressed. I think Google Office is complete now – all they need to do is to merge it with the rest of Google applications, and we will have a complete … Continue reading

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Aliens Use Firefox!

Here is a living proof that extraterrestrials do exist, and that they use Firefox! click on image to view the huge version Actually, this was a project by Oregon State LUG. This is possibly the most awesome crop circle I … Continue reading

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What does your browser reveal about you?

I often tend to judge people based on the type of browser they use. Believe it or not, the choice of your favorite browser reveals a lot about your personality. IE 5.0: You only use your computer for IM, email … Continue reading

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MSU Page Redesign

Here is how I feel about the new page design: “it looks like butt”. Who decided to put an unstoppable flash video featuring loud music and short statements from the staff and students on the front page? It’s not … Continue reading

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Software is Expensive

My company is looking into a new time/expense tracking system. The way we operate around here, we are less concerned with actual project management side of the app. Most of the things we do revolve around one-man audits so there … Continue reading

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Implications of Immortality: Truncat by Cory Doctorow

I just read Cory Doctorow’s short story Truncat – a sequel to the excellent Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. The full text of this story is available online here. I loved Down and Out, so I was thrilled … Continue reading

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