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Indexing Really Helps

Today I needed to modify a relatively simple, single table selection [tag]query[/tag] in my web app to include [tag]left join[/tag] with another table. One table holds info about submitted reports, while the other has the results of an evaluation form … Continue reading

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Does Sen. Stevens have an OFF button?

I think Senator Ted “[tag]The Tubes[/tag]” [tag]Stevens[/tag] is on a quest to become the most hated and ridiculed person on the internets. Apparently he is the guy who put the super-doubleplus-[tag]secret hold[/tag] on the bill that would open up [tag]federal … Continue reading

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Alex Cherry – Deviant Monkeys

Check out this sick [tag]deviant art[/tag] gallery. I really like this guys style. I would describe it as hauntingly awesome, but then again I’m no [tag]art[/tag] critic. All I know is that this is going to be my new desktop … Continue reading

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