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Diebold Machines Malfunctioning in Florida

It seems that voters casting early ballots using the Diebold machines in Florida already have reported persistent bugs and glitches preventing them from casting their votes correctly. Apparently most of the faulty machines would assign the votes cast for Democratic … Continue reading

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Quote of the Year

These two short sentences summarize the great potential as well as massive legal confusion surrounding online media: The big media companies shouldn’t worry that people will post their copyrighted material on YouTube. They should worry that people will post their … Continue reading

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Zombie Movie British Style

Comedy Central aired Shaun of the Dead the other day. Since I didn’t see it when it first came out, I decided to check it out. There should be no spoilers in the review below – I will try to … Continue reading

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Flash Player 9 on Linux

I can’t believe I totally missed this. It appears that last week Adobe finally released a Flash Player 9 for linux! You can get it from Adobe Labs download page. You won’t believe how many times I was locked out … Continue reading

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Lego Drednaught

This is a most awesome Lego creation I have seen in my life! found on the internets; author unknown I wonder if it is up to scale. I would figure that it would be a little bigger than a standard … Continue reading

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How to Defeat Apple DRM

User Friendly comic shows us how to defeat Apple’s DRM scheme using a high-tech toolkit: img © User Friendly; click to see the original It’s funny because it’s true. The thing about DRM is that it can never be effective. … Continue reading

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We will never have good security…

Here is a story for you: In 2003 a security researcher Bruce Sheiner pointed out that the anyone can print a fake boarding pass at home In February of 2005 the Slate magazine published an article describing the same security … Continue reading

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YouTube Removes Comedy Central Shows?

It appears that YouTube is getting worse, and worse. Apparently they have started bulk deleting clips of Comedy Central shows such as The Daily Show, Colbert Report and South Park. Heh… Maybe they got scared when Colbert said they owe … Continue reading

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Tracker Admin in Jail

You might be interested to know that instead of tracking real criminals like murderers, rapists, serial killers, child molesters, drug dealers and terrorists most of FBI agents are way to busy chasing after Bitorrent tracker admins. Nothing makes me more … Continue reading

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Substrings in Windows Batch Files

A relatively unknown feature of the windows shell (cmd.exe) is that it has a built in substring function. You can use the :~ operator in conjunction with any variable to obtain a substring of that variable. For example: set foo=foobar … Continue reading

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Two types of Lusers

There are two types of lusers in this world: slow and ignorant. Slow lusers really can’t help their condition. Their brains are simply not wired correctly to handle mutli-level abstractions and fast context switching required to understand and operate electronic … Continue reading

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Second Island?

Here we go: Lost: Every Man for Himself There is a second island? WTF? There are several things which affected my score here. I feel like some of the Season 3 flashbacks do not really tell us much about the … Continue reading

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Word is Mind Numbingly Infuriating

Microsoft Word is a mind numbingly infuriating torture device from hell! Why would anyone want to subject themselves to this soul devouring, rage inducing piece of shit is beyond me… :evil: Can someone please explain to me why is the … Continue reading

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Yet another Firefox 2.0 Review

Everyone is doing it, so I guess I can’t escape this. Here is a FF2 review. Firefox 2.0 product Same browser we all know and love… But better. I upgraded to Firefox 2 recently, and I noticed that not much … Continue reading

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Thompson in Contempt

This is the funniest thing I have heard all week: Attorneys for Philadelphia law firm Blank-Rome, long a target of Thompson’s ire, filed what is known as a “Petition for Order to Show Cause.” The motion requests that Judge Friedman … Continue reading

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The Matrix (Multiplication)

How come Java does not have a matrix datatype? It has everything under the sun, and a bag of chips but no matrix datatype or object in the API? Sure, I can easily simulate it using a 2D array, but … Continue reading

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Military Commissions Act

Go watch Keith Olberman ripping Bush a new one on the Military Commissions Act: “With the distance of history, the questions will be narrowed and few: Did this generation of Americans take the threat seriously, and did we do what … Continue reading

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The Most Awesome Pumpkin Carving Ever

This is the most awesome pumpkin carving ever: link to the YouTube video There are even step by step instructions on how to make one yourself linked up from the video. They even draw circuit board diagrams for you for … Continue reading

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Brainwashing and Indoctrination at Boy Scouts

If you think that being in Boy Scouts will be a good, constructive, fun experience for your kid, you may want to reconsider. Apparently many Boy Scout organizations are simply MPAA and RIAA youth indoctrination groups in which young kids … Continue reading

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Flickr Hickups?

Anyone knows what is going on with flicker? It’s precisely Sat, October 21 2006, 03:09 AM and it seems to be down… I wonder if this is planned maintenance or if they fried a switch or something. When I tried … Continue reading

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Finally, a hReview plugin that works!

You might have noticed that I have been using the hReview microformat for most of my movie and episode reviews. The format of my review blocks was constantly changing over the past few months, because sometimes the auto generators may … Continue reading

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Oh, no! Star Wars VII

It’s a good thing that George Lucas decided not to make any more Star Wars movies. If he would decide to shoot episodes VII-IX the way he originally intended, I envision we would end up with something like this: stolen … Continue reading

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Jump Tactics

The other day I was thinking about space combat as featured on most Scifi Shows and movies. In most cases, most ships have some kind of FTL engines that allow them to make “jumps”, enter hyperspace or whatever. But then … Continue reading

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Gigi Edgley Videos

I have more Gigi videos today. These were official releases by her casting agency. Unfortunately whoever designs pages for that firm, thinks that nested iframes are the most awesome thing in the world so the page is funky and retarded. … Continue reading

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Fuck IE7!

Hey, did you hear that IE7 was finally released? No? Cause I did, about 78 million times today. Next Mircosoft fanboi who decides to tell me the good news will die a horrible painful death – I promise! You see, … Continue reading

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