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RGX Girl – Rachel Specter

Rachel Specter, aka RGX Bodyspray Girl makes me want to go to the store and buy it right now. :mrgreen: Apparently she will be on a new Comedy Central show Not Another High School Show. [tags]racher specter, rgx, rgx bodyspray, … Continue reading

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Vista Experience Revisited

This cracked me up: comic © control alt delete I guess great minds think alike. :mrgreen: [tags]windows, vista, xp, pain, horrible, sucks[/tags]

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Lost: Nicky and Paulo were not in Pilot

Can I make one thing abundantly clear here? Nicky and Paulo were a dirty, disgusting retcon! They were not in the pilot episode! And the fact that some people claiming that Damon and Carlton “planned” for it since the first … Continue reading

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