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How Many Virtual Destktops do You Use?

How many virtual desktops do you usually run on your machine? This question is probably directed more towards the Linux users rather than the Windows folk. When I’m using my XP box I usually stay with a single desktop, because … Continue reading

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Favorite Mode of Communication: IM or Email?

What is your preferred mode of communication? Personally, I’m an email person. If you want to get in touch with me, the fastest way is probably via email because I always have it in front of me. I essentially don’t … Continue reading

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Configure Linux Startup Applications with sysv-rc-conf

How do you control your background services in Linux? Purists will probably say that renaming the symlinks in the rc folders is the way to go, but for me that’s a pain in the ass. I much more prefer some … Continue reading

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Blogs Without Comments

How do you feel about blogs without comments? It seems that lately it is fashionable to say that “comments don’t scale“. I guess Joel Spolsky is probably the most quoted individual who argued against having open comments on your blog. … Continue reading

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Install Games on a Separate Partition

Here is a windows tip that may save you from re-installing games in case of a Windows meltdown. Simply, make it a rule to install all the games on a separate partition. I started doing that a while ago because … Continue reading

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Firefox: Web Page Printing Problems

I had a page recently that would just not print properly in Firefox, even though IE 6 and 7 were printing it correctly. When I went to print-preview FF would tell me that there are 3-4 pages of content to … Continue reading

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Random Sunday Mix

Here is some more craziness for the random Sunday mix: Evil Monkeys Raep Kenyan Villagers – best story evar. Apparently a horde of super monkeys is sexually abusing Kenyan villagers, and stealing their food. I don’t care if it’s true, … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday, so it means it’s time for a review! This time it’s not anime though so don’t run away. :mrgreen: Superbad Funniest movie of the summer I went to see Superbad with high expectations. It was highly recommended, highly … Continue reading

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Biggest Regex In The Word

There are two common pattern matching problems that appear simple on the surface, but are very complex if you think about them. These are matching emails and URI’s in free form text. Everyone wrote a URL or an email validation … Continue reading

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Mount Remote Drives on KDE Startup With a Zenity Dialog

I use Kubuntu on my laptop. I noticed that wherever I go, I usually end up mounting some windows shares or remote drives. I have 5 or 6 entries in fstab but I don’t have them auto mounting at startup. … Continue reading

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Game Design: Where to put Saved Game Files

Here is a little rant, about a pet-peeve of mine. Those of the readers here who own windows boxen and indulge in the habit of PC gaming will probably be able to relate. By convention most software on windows gets … Continue reading

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Sending Emails With Attachments via PHP

If you ever played around with the native PHP mail function, you will probably know that it’s functionality is very basic. Plain text emails work great, but if you want to do HTML email, you need to figure out what … Continue reading

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River is a Terminator

Jesus, I’m really out of the loop. You guys probably knew about this for at least a 100 years now, but it’s new to me. Apparently the lovely River from Firefly is the new Terminator girl in the upcoming Fox … Continue reading

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Saving Bandwidth and Preventing Hotlinking With Coral Cache

A while ago Jeff Artwood wrote about “outsourcing” hosting your images to a 3rd party service as a method for minimizing bandwidth costs. This a very practical advice not just for high traffic sites but for just about anyone. You … Continue reading

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Two Disturbing Sounds

Here are some disturbing sounds that will haunt your dreams, give you nightmares and generally creep you out. What you do with them is up to you. You can use these in constructive ways – for example, I know that … Continue reading

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Comcast Throttling Bittorent Bandwidth

I hate Comcast! Those fuckers are really getting on my nerves. I mean what the hell is this supposed to be? WTF? I haven’t seen decreases speeds lately, but then again I don’t download that much. I was seeding files … Continue reading

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Sunday Mix

Here are some links for your enjoyment. This time they are addictive flash games: Xeno Tactic – yet another tower defense game. This one has an Alien theme, and lets you use your towers to route the enemies certain way … Continue reading

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Last Exile

This seems to become a permanent feature here. On the weekends I review obscure crap that no one but me cares about. I will probably continue doing this with breaks for when I run out of material. Anyway, brace for … Continue reading

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Lost: Orchid Station DHARMA Video

I’m so excited for season 4 it’s not even funny. This official teaser video is made out of awesome: Oh, and in case you wondered, the Casimir Effect is real. From wikipedia: In physics, the Casimir effect or Casimir-Polder force … Continue reading

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Should the Save Icon Still be a Floppy?

Have you noticed that the default Save icon in almost every single application out there is an image of a 3.5″ floppy disk? When was the last time you have used a floppy? Do you even own any floppy disks? … Continue reading

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What is the TCO of Office 2007?

Every time someone tries to discuss migration from Microsoft platform (for example MS Office) to an open source one (ie. Open Office) someone doubtlessly will bring up TCO. The pro Microsoft argument usually goes like this: Despite being free, Open … Continue reading

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Site Outage and Commenting Problem

Two quick announcements regarding the site performance. Yesterday I was messing around with the .htaccess and mod_rewrite for a post that will probably hit the blog on Monday. I inadvertently broke WordPress permalinks in the process and so no one … Continue reading

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Apt or Aptitude?

I have been an apt user since I first started messing around with Debian. I never used the graphical tools such as Synaptic. Now that I read Aaron Toponce’s convincing argument for using aptitude over apt, I’m wondering if it … Continue reading

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What does your favorite text editor say about you?

Remember this post? I’m doing it again. I once said that your choice of a web browser reveals something about your personality. Same can be said about the choice of your preferred text editor. Tell me what is the default … Continue reading

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Half Assed Error Messages

This totally cracked me up today: Admit it, it’s hilarious. Image yourself sitting there going: You: “Come on, WSFTP! Start! Start for me! Please!” WSFTP: “NEVAR!” I found this gem on the Daily WTF and it actually comes with a … Continue reading

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