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Gordon Freeman’s Legendary Air Duct Crawling Skills

Hopefully this might be one of my last Half Life themed posts. If you are bored or annoyed by these, I apologize, but in the last few weeks I played Portal, Episode One and Episode Two straight through, back to … Continue reading

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Comment subscriptions may be b0rked for some

Quick note for those of you who use Gmail and rely on the comment subscription thingymajig to follow the discussions around here. There seems to be some weird bottleneck when relaying emails to gmail accounts, which seems to be affecting … Continue reading

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Netgear WG111 Disables Fast User Switching (aka the RtlGina2.dll issue)

One of my users dropped off a WinXP desktop on my desk today, telling me that all his user accounts are gone and, the welcome screen is missing. Bit perplexed I hooked it up to a nearby monitor half expecting … Continue reading

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