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Is anyone here into geotagging? You know, stuff like Fourscquare, Gowalla, Plazes, location tags in your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Does anyone here does this kind of stuff? Personally, I don’t get any of that. Or rather I do get … Continue reading

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Student Webspace in the Cloud: Google App Engine

Do you ever feel that siren call of code that needs to be written? Sometimes I get an idea into my head, and then spend the next few days thinking about little else. I’m thinking about the code in the … Continue reading

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The Social Network

Several people asked me what I thought about “The Social Network”. I think I became sort of a litmus test for technological competence in Hollywood movies. I just have very low tolerance for the lazy and outlandish portrayal of technology … Continue reading

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So PC Gaming is Really Dying, Eh?

Up until few days ago, I used to completely dismiss the whole “PC gaming is dying” idea. It seemed ridiculous to me. Few years ago I even wrote a lengthy post on why I think it is not the case. … Continue reading

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The Mystery Beep

Allegedly the whole thing started on a weekend. One of the high ranking directors (those who get the keys to the office) managed to escape the clutches of his family, and hide in the familiar and peaceful confines of the … Continue reading

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Single Player vs. Multi Player Games

Here is my little theory: single player and multi player games are fundamentally about different things. The idea that every game should have both a single and multi player mode is flawed at the core. Both types of games aim … Continue reading

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Perdido Street Station by China Miéville

If you have read this blog for a while, you probably know my opinion of Fantasy genre. For the most part I find the genre to be frequently shallow, sloppy and ironically unimaginative. And yet here I am, about to … Continue reading

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Setup Assitant 0.8 is out

Firstly, sorry for dropping off the face of the earth yesterday morning. My host sucks, and I’m to lazy and too afraid of change to do anything about it. Secondly, sorry about lame pi related post. I just wasn’t that … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day!

Today’s post is a lazy one… Namely, I’m just gonna make π jokes. Feel free to add your jokes in the comments. Note that I’m re-hosting the images but linking to the source where available to be nice. Also, I … Continue reading

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Who Buys Video Games

It’s actually kinda funny that when I mention buying or pre-ordering some game, the response I get from people these days is usually something among the lines of: “LOL, you buy games for PC? Why would you do that?” Why? … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Choice

It started with a fairly innocent directive from the powers that be: “Our on-hold music sucks. Figure out how to change it. By yesterday.” In an of itself, the request was perfectly reasonable. The music was indeed, very, very bad. … Continue reading

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How not to get infested: a short security guide

The internet is like a cheap, dirty, run down, disease ridden whore house in a bad part of the town. You probably shouldn’t be going there in the first place, but if you go in unprotected you can bank on … Continue reading

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Why Source Code is a stupid movie title

Have you guys see the trailers for that new Jake Gyllenhaal movie titled Source Code? Groansworthy, isn’t it? I mean, not the trailer, the title. Although the trailer doesn’t look that hot either. People are trying to tell me it … Continue reading

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Old Superhero Movies and TV Shows

We are currently in the middle of a superhero movie craze. If you look at the list of upcoming blockbuster movies, it is full of comic adaptations. Just this year we will see Captain America, Thor and Green Lantern and … Continue reading

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