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Vi Keybindings for Eclipse?

I love Vi and Eclipse for very different reasons. Eclipse is a kick-ass Java IDE, and vim is possibly the best text editor out there. I wish I could combine both applications into one – giving me both the convenience … Continue reading

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This is why I have no fate in the future of humanity…

Guy calls me today, and you can hear from his voice he is on the verge of tears. He is literally about to have a nervous breakdown – his computer just stopped working. Nothing works! He can’t do anything. Everything … Continue reading

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So full of win: click to embiggen – © Rebecca Gunter I have no clue who made this. It’s signed RIG or RLG or something like that. If anyone knows the sauce let me know so I can give proper … Continue reading

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Dr. Keanu Osterman?

It seems that Keanu Reeves might be playing John Osterman, aka Dr. Manhattan in the upcoming movie based on the cult graphic novel The Watchmen. Somehow, I really don’t see it: Personally, I think that playing a super-intelligent, all powerful … Continue reading

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Alien vs. Alien Update

Something tells me that I need a “shit that no one except for me cares about” category around here. But that won’t fit in the sidebar, so instead I’m filing it under Gigi Edgley. I could also file it under … Continue reading

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Digg Effect – Aftermath

Few days ago I got dugg for the second time in my life. Last time this happened it was smooth sailing. This time around, diggers literally buried my server. I’m guessing part of it was the fact my post included … Continue reading

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28 Weeks Later

I saw 28 Days Later a long time ago, on TV, while doing something different and not really paying attention. At this point if you asked me about this movie I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything. So I’m … Continue reading

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No more Windows Tax

They are here! The coveted Dell Linux Systems are now on sale, shipping preinstalled with Ubuntu! This is so awesome, I feel obliged to bring the Dell Dude out of retirement. Dell Dude! Show us how awesome is the Dell … Continue reading

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Five Crucial things Adrian Kingsley-Hughes does not understand about Linux

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes recently wrote about five crucial things we apparently do not understand about average computer users. I decided to respond in kind by pointing out the things that Mr. Hughes and his average computer user Linux and it’s users. … Continue reading

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Lost: Total Mindfuck

Lost just brutally raped my brain and left me pregnant with a bastard child of unspeakable confusion. Everything below is full of season finale related spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t seen it yet. I have so many questions … Continue reading

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Komodo Edit 4.1

I just discovered Komodo Edit from ActiveState (the same dudes who make that windows based Perl Package. Review Time! Komodo Edit 4.1 product My new favorite PHP editor. What is it? Komodo Edit 4.1 is a lightweight IDE with support … Continue reading

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Dugg to Death

Oh man I’m getting hit hard. Digg already killed my server once today. I’m hoping to get this post in before I go down again. If this site phases in and out of existence all day, keep in mind it’s … Continue reading

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Vinni Puh – LOL!

I have to say that I actually like this Russian version of Winnie the Pooh better than the Disney one. Check it out for yourself. The Disney Pooh is a likable, gullible dofus. Vinni Puh on the other hand fucking … Continue reading

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Mark Helprin – Trolling NYTimes like a Pro!

I am impressed! I always thought that you can’t really post a blatant troll in a respectable, renowned, mainstream magazine like NY Times. And yet Mr. Mark Helprin has proved that a crafty writer can sneak a clever troll just … Continue reading

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A day without X

Would you be able to survive one full day without using the X server? Linux offers us a wide assortment of CLI based tools which use curses and/or framebuffer for functional user interfaces. There is no reason why you shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Instiki – and Instant Wiki

Recently I discovered Instiki – a quick and not-so-dirty way of running a wiki without much setup. For example, to run MadiaWiki (the original Wiki package, used by Wikipedia) you need to have a functional web server, a supported database … Continue reading

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I am officially graduated. I will post some pictures from the convocation and commencement when I manage to extract them from my relatives. Seriously, back in the day when we still used film, it would usually take few days to … Continue reading

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Twitter is useless to me.

Every time I try to post something on Twitter lately I see this: Either that, or an internal server error. I have been twittering less and less in the last month or two – but at this point I hardly … Continue reading

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On Config Files

There are two ways to write configuration files. There is the simple way used by nearly all linux/unix apps, and most Java developers: #this is a config file key1 = value1 key2 = value2 key3 = value3 #comments can go … Continue reading

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Crossloop: VNC without setup.

Since I often deal with support calls from users I have been experimenting with various remote control tools for a while now. My favorite is by far the RDP protocol mainly because of it’s speed. Unfortunately RDP has limited use … Continue reading

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Because we clearly need more wiretaps…

Leave it to Bush administration to find innovative ways to take away civil liberties of law abiding citizens. Just check out his newest bill – the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007. You read that thing and you get all … Continue reading

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Katapult: Launchy/Quicksilver for Linux

In my last post I mentioned that I’m rather fond of the Windows based Launchy app. I am also a linux user, and I kinda missed this functionality when using my Kubuntu laptop. If you are like me, and you … Continue reading

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Windows Run Command is your Friend

If you use Windows – even if only for few hours a day, you should learn to love the Run command. It is a hassle free gateway to all the applications and control panels on your system. All you need … Continue reading

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Logging In Like A Luser

Out life is filled with login screens. Average user will usually go through a log-in procedure several times each day. You have one login to unlock your machine, one for your IM, one for webmail, one for myspace, one for … Continue reading

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Minimalistic 419 Scam

I get more and more of these lame 419 scams lately and they completely bypass gmail’s spam filter. WTF? Is it really that hard to trigger the few key catch phrases these guys use? All those letters are almost exactly … Continue reading

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