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Anti-Intellectualism on TV

I keep noticing a recurring trope in mainstream TV and movies which really bothers me. Maybe you noticed it too. Next time you watch a random sitcom, or some crappy a movie on some cable channel look for the way … Continue reading

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Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

After some deliberation, I decided to pick up a nicer keyboard to replace a very old Compaq piece of junk I was using as my external keyboard at work. That thing has been at the company longer than me, and … Continue reading

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Download Website for Offline Reading with Wget

My boss had a tad unusual request the other day. Like me he is also living a double life of working at this company by day, and teaching at a university by night. It turns out that for some reason … Continue reading

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Portal: The Flash Version

I really want to play portal. I have yet to meet a person who played this game, and did not love it. I may need to reinstall Steam and see if they have it available as a standalone download. Last … Continue reading

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Holy fucking shit! I found a new one! As far as I was concerned there were currently only two shows on TV worth my attention. They were Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Sadly, both of them are currently in between seasons. … Continue reading

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Is it worth investing in a mouse and keyboard?

If you look at all the mice and keyboards I owned over the years, you will see a trend: simplicity. All my keyboards are simple, generic 104 key devices that came with the machine. If I buy a mouse I … Continue reading

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How come I don’t have Gmail IMAP yet?

Dear Googel! Where is my fucking IMAP access? Seriously! I’ve been a loyal fanboi for years. I use Gmail, Gtalk, Google Desktop, Adsense Ads, Google Analytics, Google Docs and your search engine on a daily basis. Now that I think … Continue reading

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Faux Luddites

And now for something completely different: Faux Luddite (n) – one who vocally expresses their hatred of technology, especially computers, usually via their Live Journal or MySpace blog. Also known as tech-hypocrite. Faux Luddites are inexplicably addicted to technology. They … Continue reading

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Backup is not just for geeks

I’m horrified by how many people do not even consider backing up their data on a regular basis as something they could do. Someone begs me for free tech support almost every day and I get asked about all kinds … Continue reading

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Dell Troubleshooting Flowchart

Every time I call Dell (and I do call them quite often) about a problematic laptop I feel like they follow a call flowchart that looks something like this: If the machine doesn’t boot, they will give you a new … Continue reading

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Pittfalls of Using Stock Photo

My company’s website was redesigned few months back. I had nothing to do with it, because I’m not really a designer. I’m a back-end dude – I live in PHP and MySQL, and while I’m no stranger to CSS, design … Continue reading

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I finally broke down and played Halo

I avoided Halo for years because I never believed it really had that much to offer. My reasoning for this was as follows. Halo was a FPS game. FPS games started on the PC, and remain to be primarily a … Continue reading

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TV-Links: RIP

If any of you guys thought that UK had a copyright law that is any less retarded than ours, think again. Apparently, over there you can actually go to jail for linking to copyrighted material illegally hosted on a foreign … Continue reading

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Designing a Tetris Clone: Part 1

Someone told me that Tetris was a “hello world” of game programming. I whole heartedly disagree. Tetris may not be an awfully complex game, but it sure as hell is not trivial. The whole concept of a “hello world” is … Continue reading

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Outlook 2003 Attachment Dialog Doesn’t Show Zip Files

I have like 4 or 5 people in my company who are experiencing this issue. I have yet to replicate this problem on any of the machines in the office, but it seems that it’s hitting mostly the users of … Continue reading

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Becoming irrelevant one bit at a time

Dear Entertainment Industry, If you belong to organization whose name ends in AA, this post is for you. I’m writing this, because I would like to introduce you to this relatively new concept of Internet. You see, this globe spanning … Continue reading

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Checkpoint Save System is Stupid

In the good old days of arcade games clearing the final stage was usually an accomplishment that you could brag about to your friends. The games were made impossibly difficult in order to make you put more quarters into the … Continue reading

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Create and Stream Video With Flash On The Buntu

The other day I was handed a quicktime mov file and told to put it on the company website. The catch was that the file was obscenely large, and we didn’t want the clients to have to download Quicktime or … Continue reading

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Ambiguous One Liner Comments

Lately I started getting lots of odd one liner comments that usually look somewhat like this: Great post! I really enjoyed it! There are many variations, but the message is always the same – a generic praise that does not … Continue reading

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We Make Intellectual Jokes

I have absolutely nothing for today, so I will do a little trick called audience participation. Let’s post intellectual jokes in this thread right here. The idea is to find all the geekiest jokes that are only funny to a … Continue reading

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Survival Island

Sometimes I review stuff thats cool, or interesting or that was recommended to me. Today I’m going to do something else – review something that was just plainly painful to watch – but kinda funny at the same time. Survival … Continue reading

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Comcast Sucks (Again)

I came back home yesterday to find out that my cable was down. This meant no TV, and no internet until Saturday. Yup, you heard it! Saturday! Why? Because Shitcast Cable does not have any openings tomorrow and generally they … Continue reading

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Howto: Two Way Sync Between Kontact and GCal

Ever wondered how to sync up your Kontact Calendar with your Google Calendar? Me too! But I figured it out. Below you can find step by step instructions on how to set it up. First, you need GCALDaemon. Yes, I … Continue reading

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Computer Science Degree Holders are not Computer Technicians

I wonder when will the general public finally figure out that someone with a degree in Computer Science is not a computer technician. The fact that I can and will fix b0rken computers as a personal favor for close friends … Continue reading

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Is Dark Text on Light Background the Superior Choice?

There are two fundamental schools of thought when it comes to web design. You can talk about different design methods, technologies, paradigms and etc but there is one very simple, binary choice that you have to make when deciding on … Continue reading

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