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Surrogates is a rather thought provoking science fiction film that I wanted to watch for a while. It is a bit heavy on the action side, but you ought to expect that from any movie that features Bruce Willis. What … Continue reading

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Time Measurement after Interstellar Expansion

How you ever wondered how we will measure time in the distant future once human race expands into the far reaches of the universe? I’ve been pondering this lately. You see, this is what I do. I noticed that “normal” … Continue reading

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Daragon Age and Warhammer Fantasy Parallels

Few days ago I was trying to tell Ark what Dragon Age is all about. To help him to relate to the story I decided to compare it to something he knows very well – The Warhammer Fantasy universe. Whenever … Continue reading

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Tell me your best IT Stories

I think we should really do something about Mondays. I mean, I don’t think there is one person out there who actually likes Mondays. I’m surprised we even keep them around. I’d say that on average they probably cause more … Continue reading

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Name that Game: Nostalgia Edition

Guess what time it is? It is time to play Name that Game again. This time we do nostalgic blasts from the past. How many games you can identify here: As usual, try to guess the titles by looking at … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Characters, Spells and Strategy

Now that I have the spoilers out of my system, let’s talk about strategy and spell combos. We did touch upon this in the previous thread but it was chock full of spoilers. So now I want to discuss strategy … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: End Game Decision

SPOILER WARNING This post talks about the end game events and so it will be full of spoilers. If you have not finished the game yet, I recommend skipping this post entirely. Unless of course you don’t care about getting … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Origins – Formulatic But Awesome

Just the other day I finished my first playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins and I must say that I loved it. I previously wrote that I was disappointed with Mass Effect and suspected that Dragon Age may be similar. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Zombie movies are fun to watch. It is a natural law that is universally understood by everyone. Just like water being wet, sun being bright zombie films are awesome, even when they are terrible. Really, it is really hard to … Continue reading

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What was your first computer?

Gutten morgen fellow Terminalists! Can I call you that btw? You know, I’m trying to create a brand here. Like, people who watch Star Trek are Trekkies. People who watch Farscape are Scapers. People who like Firefly are… uh… Browncoats… … Continue reading

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Which is More Awesome: A Tuesday Poll

Here is a pointless poll, just because it’s Tuesday. As you may or may not know, Tuesdays are the only really productive days in the corporate world. On Mondays everyone is still recovering from the weekend. They are either still … Continue reading

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Technology Portrayal in Hollywood

I’ve talked about this many times already, but the portrayal of technology in Hollywood movies continues to piss me off with astonishing regularity. Almost every time a character in a movie is about to use a computer I cringe. There … Continue reading

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Dead Like Me

I don’t watch TV the way “normal” people do it. It’s mainly because I abhor reality TV. It’s unwatchable. There is not a single reality show out there that I’d consider worth while. You can try to convince me otherwise, … Continue reading

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Precursors: somone just made the game that I dreamt up.

Hey, guys – remember that time when I was fantasizing about a game that would be a hybrid of Elite/Frontier and Fallout 3? You know, a game that would combine trading, spaceship simulation, FPS combat and RPG elements – a … Continue reading

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The New Super Mario Bros for Wii

I bought my cousin the New Super Mario Bros Wii edition for Christmas and we have been playing it on and off in coop mode since then. If you don’t get which game I’m talking about, it is this one: … Continue reading

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Precognition and Free Will

Here is another post for the musings category. I have always considered precognition to be a rather unfortunate burden rather than a gift. I consider precogs to be tragic figures who have been robbed out of their right to self … Continue reading

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Happy International Hangover Day

Happy International Hangover Day folks. And no, I’m not talking about the movie here. January 1st was an international hangover holiday since I can remember. That move is not even about new year celebration, so the fact the creators are … Continue reading

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