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The Numbers

Over the past 2 weeks I watched all Lost episodes from season 1 and 2. Can’t wait till the show starts again next week. Wohoo! To kill time I’m now catching up on all the wild theories regarding the numbers … Continue reading

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How do mermaids reproduce?

Penny Arcade totally stole this joke from that Futurama episode, but it is still funny: comic © penny arcade; click to enlarge Here is a question to ponder: why do mermaids have boobs? [tags]penny arcade, boobs, mermaids, humor[/tags]

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Service Engine Soon

My dad’s car had the scary Service Engine Soon light flicking on and off at random for the last 3 years. Every once in a while, it would just switch on and stay lit for few days. Then it would … Continue reading

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Mutt with SSMTP

Here is how you set up Mutt without a working sendmail or exim installation. Most linux boxes I work with already have some kind of mail transfer agent installed by default, so I never really had to do this. My … Continue reading

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Can you see me now?

Check out the sidebar! It’s a live webcam link! You can now see me pick my nose, and bite my fingernails in real time. Wohoo! I’m not streaming or anything – just uploading an image every few minutes. Naturally, since … Continue reading

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Lately it has been difficult for me to work on my school related projects at home, because of constant interruptions and distractions. I also can’t really do much research related stuff when I’m at work, because they usually make me … Continue reading

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Using IMAP with Mutt

I find that most GUI based clients tend to have issues with IMAP. Even the usually lightning fast kmail tends to have sluggish response times when dealing with remote mail folders. Same goes for Thunderbird and host of other mail … Continue reading

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More 419 Letters

I’m so tempted to reply to one of those and make fun of them! But I’m kinda scared that if I do Mr. Ecko is going to show up at my house and kick my ass. :mrgreen: From:LadyRita Mosley. 4 … Continue reading

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Are You Clueless?

Take this 10 question [tag]quiz[/tag] to see if you are a [tag]clueless[/tag] [tag]luser[/tag], or a [tag]hard-core[/tag] [tag]hacker[/tag]. Please note that this post is filed under humor which suggests that it should not be taken completely seriously. What is the best … Continue reading

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Gmail Down?

Is it just me or is anyone else having issues logging into Gmail? It was driving me nuts in the morning because I thought my Gmail Manager plugin was broken. But it turns out that gmail server is simply slower … Continue reading

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More Links To Numbers Stations

Here are some more links to recordings from Numbers Station. Creepy and fascinating at the same time. I do not recommend playing lottery with these numbers, unless you want to suffer the Hurley Curse :P I found these on some … Continue reading

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Can you be too User Friendly?

I was reading some slashdot discussions today, and one of the comments got me thinking. At some point someone said something among the lines of: Back in the day, most computer users could actually program their machines. Now most users … Continue reading

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Lost and Numbers Stations

I’m still in process of catching up on Lost. I’m 9 episodes into the second season now, and I just successfully managed to hook my brother on the show. I think the clincher was when I told him that Michelle … Continue reading

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Command Line SCP for Windows

I do not use FTP, and you shouldn’t use it either. Sending your password and files over the tubes in plaintext form might have been ok in the 80’s but nowadays it’s just asking for trouble. I use scp for … Continue reading

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MySQL: find week start/end given week number

I have a table with some dated records. I wanted to do some weekly reports on this data. MySQL has a nifty function dubbed WEEK() which will return a week number. It allows you to break your data into week … Continue reading

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SSL on Blackboard

I found this in my inbox yesterday: We will be adding a security layer (SSL) to the Blackboard site on Monday to provide greater security. We anticipate that this process will go smoothly. Please let us know if you have … Continue reading

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BlueJ Considered Harmful

At Montclair State University introductory Java classes are taught using the BlueJ IDE. I cannot say that I do not understand the reasoning behind this choice. I know exactly what the instructors and administration is trying to achieve here. You … Continue reading

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Stealth Ringer in a Ring

When I saw the Remember Ring link on boinboing I got an interesting idea. How about bluetooth enabled jewelry which would interface with your cell phone? If you are to lazy to click on that link, it features a wedding … Continue reading

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Project Idea

I have been bouncing around an idea for a new pet project I could hack together in few weeks. My dad is a contractor and most of his work related data is scattered all over the place on snippets of … Continue reading

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Necessary Household Survival Kit

You should have one of those in every room of your house: via myconfinedspace You never know when we are going to get overrun by zombies. [tags]humor, zombies, survival, funny[/tags]

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I’m currently in the process of watching season 1 of Lost. I never seen the show before (with exception of S2 finale) so it is all brand new to me. I’m about 6 episodes into the series, and I’m hooked. … Continue reading

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Ark Needs a Notebook

Here is a conversation I had with my brother this morning: Ark: I need a notebook! Me: What for? Ark: There is like a plague of emo kids on campus this year! Me: Oh yeah? Ark: Yeah, all they do … Continue reading

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Another 419

I got another one of the 419 letters. These just never get old. Surprisingly enough, this one was not typed in all caps. Apparently someone in Nigeria figured out how to use that Caps-Lock key. Amazing! We are Diplomatic Corp … Continue reading

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Pictures from the edge of space

A group of students from Cambridge University recently launched a small weather balloon equipped with a digital cam that reached the height of 32km and took over 800 pictures. They have published all the images in a Picassa gallery on … Continue reading


Random Password Generation Revisited

What is the worst password you could possibly use? Why it’s password of course. Closely trailing behind it are iloveyou and fuckyou and similar gems. But according the the Myspace password list analysis, nothing really beats cookie123. Apparently there are … Continue reading

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